White Berry (Paradise Seeds) Grow Report


 White Berry from Paradise Seeds

This lovely cannabis strain from Paradise Seeds is a great and easy grow. She tolerates heat stress well and is good with nutrients. Don’t worry if she looks like doing nothing – suddenly in the last few weeks she will explode!

Favours a single stem cola with one main bud, so good for sea of green grows.

Attractive berry smell to leaves throughout.

Low leaf to bud ratio so easy trimming.

Mellow uppy smoke thats perfect for daytime and good for relieving anxiety.

Voted one of High Times Top Medical Marijuana Strains.

White berry (Paradise Seeds) Medical Marijuana







One thought on “White Berry (Paradise Seeds) Review

  1. David says:

    They look like extremely healthy young plants, obviously grown under optimal conditions. I would be very happy to receive reviews on strains that are helpful for insomnia, pain and muscle spasms (MS). Thank you.

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