Things to do when you’re stoned: cards against humanity



Sometimes its all too easy to take the life of a stoner seriously (really?) ..

OK so its not, but on those occasions when you have a few mates round, chilling with some beautiful giggly smoke some ice cold beers .. and the conversation gets silly.




Don’t let inane chatter and dulled “duh” sentences get the best of you. Make inane chatter with


Seriously the funniest game around, it turns super silly with the added bonus of a few joints. I’ve played it with workmates, family.. and they’ve all loved it. Played it with some stoners, and it was the funniest night for a long time.

Reclaim marijuana sessions from the Playstation!

1. Why am I wasting time writing about a board game when there are so many other more worthwhile cannabis topics to write about?

After all this is essentially a growers guide to cannabis, not a version of ToysRUs. GG2C (as we affectionately call it) writes earnest advice on all aspects of marijuana growing, with a hint of medical mj thrown in. So why this tomfoolery? Because the other night I had a great time wasting time playing this game with some fairly good friends and some Ice Express vapes thrown in. And as the hysteria faded, I had one of those “epiphany” moments.

When was the last time I laughed this much?

Why was it I felt that I knew these guys just a bit more than I had done the day before?

And it came to me, that amongst all the earnest talk about legalising cannabis for medicinal reason, we should not forget that

recreational cannabis is great

recreational cannabis



As a bringer-together factor, letting the defences down and bonding with semi-strangers, weed works better than pretty much any other recreational source I can think of. OK so you’re unlikely to get the brotherhood experienced by combat soldiers under fire, but for a peacetime humanising, cannabis works just great. I mean look at the options we have: pubs where alcohol is consumed in large quantities and the conversation consists of repitition, “did you watch this” and descends to the “what are you looking at” .. nightclubs where no matter how friendly the drug of choice is, all you’re going to feel is touchy feely and the beat of the REALLY loud music … dinner parties … and where we are all going wrong… spliff inspired Playstation sessions.


So I ask you: when was the last time you “bonded” with your friends? i.e. ended the day feeling you knew a little more about them (or wished you didn’t) ..Cannabis IS good for a plethora of medical issues but we shouldn’t forget its also good recreationally too. And losing yourself in a computer designed world isn’t quite up to the mark.

If its a long time since you actually sat round and laughed with your friends, then get a copy of “CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY”. Described as “a party game for horrible people” its really only as horrible as you make it. Rules and game play are simple (which is just as well): one player lays a “black card” and the others try and complete the sentence from their “white cards” in the funniest / twisted / sickest way possible. Its that easy to sit with mates, laugh and relax.

That this should be illegal is ridiculous (the smoking cannabis part of the evening that is). Go Colorado, Go Washington, Go Spain (with some grey legal areas to be sure), Go Switzerland .. etc .. and for the rest of the world? Get a sense of humour & pass the joint this way please.


[highlight bg=”#FF6600″ color=”#FFFFFF”]A beautiful example of what I’m trying to get at in the post, turned up on the Huffington Post – where some grannies get stoned for the first time and play the game. Have a watch! Its hilarious[/highlight]

You can either download and print off the game by following this link here to free copy of cards against humanity or buy a copy from amazon (unless your boss doesn’t mind you using the office printer and cutting machine ..)

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you can also get it from :

Cards Against Humanity

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