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The Bra Method of Seed Germination!

Germinating cannabis seeds seems often to be more of a problem than it should be. The problem is that these little gems are costly and every failed seed is counted in dollars lost. And yet seed germination should be easy: provide them with the right temperature, moisture and darkness and they should sprout.

 So why don’t they?

Too much water can drown an emerging cannabis seedling, and too often people allow them to dry out. Variations in heat can also effect good germination rates as the seeds begin to emerge and are then halted. We cover good techniques for sprouting seeds but also came across this tip and thought it worth sharing.


It comes from Mojave Mama who lives in Arizona. Being a dry climate she has problems with humidity levels and came up with this ingenuous way to ensure her marijuana seeds get an even temperature to help get them started.


As she points out, there are female growers who are serious about learning to grow, not there just to add titilation. The bra germination may seem like just more cheesecake, but it really is an extremely effective way to germinate.

And men can do it too, with 3X5 bandaids, and tape the packets on their body somewhere. At night, when I take off my bra, I just use a huge bandaid like that to tape the packet on my ribcage, under my breasts, and by morning, the seeds usually all have legs sticking out and area ready to transplant into their given medium.

The skin’s body temperature is so germination-friendly. It may be 98.6 inside the body, but outside, on the skin’s surface, it’s just the perfect temperature to rapidly germ seeds. 

Even better, it’s so portable, so you don’t have to worry about the dishes of paper toweling at home drying out or getting overheated–you take your seeds with you to work or wherever, and know they are safe and at a constant temperature.


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  • Maxwell Turner says:

    Wow, thats dedication! lol I usually do the wet paper towel method, but recently I just dropped my seeds into a glass with 1 inch of water and placed them in the dark cupboard above the fridge. Within a couple days at the first sign of the seed cracking open with an exposed root trying to get out, I popped them into my medium. 100% success so far (5 of 5).


  • Hi there I have never had a seed not germinate I have always had 100% success every time all I do is fill and boil the kettle and allow to cool down abit get two sheets of kitchen roll and fold in half 4 times to make it smaller and more thicker. poor the kettle water over the kitchen roll and allow to cool further then unfold the 1st fold and pop desired seed in center fold kitchen roll back over and pop it in a sandwich bag or some thing similar and put in airing cupbord on boiler leave for two day and the seedling will be about just under a inch long

  • I germinate my seeds in Rocket Fuel, a long time Northern California seed germination method. The formula was lost for awhile but it’s once again available. It’s not a product you buy It’s one you can easily make up yourself. I’ve been soaking my seeds in Rocket Fuel for years. From the time I put the seeds in the Rocket Fuel germinating water till I plant is on average 14 to 18 hours, Holy Grail Kush was germinated and planted in 9 hours! And NO that’s not the norm:) The time depends on the vitality of the seed. I throw out seeds that haven’t germinated in 24 hours because I grow 12/12 from seed and need seeds that are going to be vigorous. I make my Rocket Fuel up in 4 oz quantities. To 4 oz.of spring or rain water add 1 drop 35% food grade H202. 5 – 7 drops Coco-Wet. 1/2 tsp Nitrozime and 1/2 tsp Ultimate (dark) Willard Water. I germinate in my smaller grow tent with the heater set at 75 degrees. I put the seeds in around 6 PM so that at 8 AM it will have been 14 hours, As soon as the shell splits and the tap root is slightly showing she gets planted.

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