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What size exhaust fan/extractor do I need for my grow tent

How to work out what size exhaust fan (extractor) you need for your grow area: If you are running with hot HID grow lights you will need to change the air within the grow room once a minute for good optimum results.   take a tape and measure (in meters) the length, width and height of your […]

Water temperature ranges in hydroponic systems

Water temperature and effects on hydroponics What is the best water temperature for plants? In a natural environment cannabis does not thrive submerged in water: it prefers alternate wet/dry climate (which we replicate with the wet dry cycle when growing in soil or coco-perlite) in order to drag oxygen into its root system and thereby into […]

AF-600 grow light / 25 plant auto grow day 14

[notify textbox-white] Checklist for what I used: General Hydroponics Flora Series QT – FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro Advanced Nutrients Sensical Grow – 1L Canna Rhizotonic 0.25 Liter General Hydroponics pH Down – 1 Gallon Food Grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide-32 ozs. Hanna Instruments HI 98129 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester AF600 [/notify] LED GROW LIGHT REVIEW AF-600 LED […]

AF600 LED grow light – a 25 plant autoflowering test grow

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AF600 LED grow light – a 25 plant autoflowering test grow 600 watt draw LED grow lights … For any serious grower, these are the ones we need to see proof of: can LED grow lights produce at a level of a big HPS? So, welcome to my test grow of the AF600. This one […]

Drumroll please .. the Fero LED vs HPS 2012 grow-down is over ..

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LED VS HPS 2012 It all started with a bet. I was researching LED grow lights for an article on another site. In order to justify the higher production costs of some of these units retailers bamboozle a poor girly with science, and I was forced to draw hard on old “A” Levels, Campo’s 2 […]

Advice on an indoor grow room ..

Advice on an indoor grow room .. Hey Max whats up ! well where to start  ill take it point by point for you . 1- “To explain: My little room (7′ x 6′.5″) has both a gas hot water heater and small gas boiler, ” you want to thank the ganga gods you didnt chose […]

Quick guide to growing under LEDs: some points to look out for

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Quick guide to growing under LEDs: some points to look out for Did you say you were still hitting 28º C wow I wish ! have you got an extractor running ? don’t forget you can cook a chicken with a 100watt light bulb in a sealed box … airflow is very important To remove […]