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and 10 reasons why every toker SHOULDN’T grow their own weed …

10 reasons why every toker SHOULDN’T grow their own weed Who would the real growers sell to? Just imagine the environmental pollution: in some parts of most cities, every other house would be blazing away with a 400 watt HPS in the spare bedroom, you wouldn’t sleep at night for the noise of inline fans […]

Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco and Perlite

growing cannabis in coco

A Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco and Perlite We grow cannabis in a coco and perlite mix more often than any other growing style. It’s cheap to set up and combines the flexibility of a soil/pot grow with many of the advantages of a hydroponic grow.   What is Coco Coir? Coco coir (pronounced coy-er) […]

Fero LED grow light vs 250 watt HID lamp day 66

led grow lights

Fero LED vs HPS grow lamp day 66 This week’s update on the LED grow light showdown against standard HPS lighting is going to be brief, as not much as happened since last week. Some (not quite all) of the marijuana plants are about to start flushing as they approach their 10th week, but I’ll […]

Response to “Why I grow medical marijuana”

This came as a comment to “Why I grow medical marijuana” and we felt that it deserved to be posted in its own right. Thanks to Mechelle for sharing her story. Thank you, so much, Dr.MJ for sharing your story. I so understand how your loved one felt. I have Fibromyalgia and am waiting for […]

How to choose a mother plant for cloning

how to select a mother plant for clones

Selecting a mother plant to produce clones: Almost all professional cultivators will use clones (cuttings) rather than cannabis seeds. Just as siblings inherit their genetics from both parents, but feature different characteristics more predominantly than others, so will plants grown from seed show differing effects. Some plants will produce more smell, others may be susceptible […]

Fero LED vs HID grow lights: day 39

Fero 360 4G LED grow lights cannabis

LED vs HID grow lights day 39 LED grow lights .. do they really work? As followers of this blog will know, I’m running a series of experiments putting various LED grow lights up against traditional HID lighting for an indoor marijuana grow. My last post showed the plants – 8 MI5s (2 of them […]

Fero LED grow light 357 vs 250 watt HID: the grow down day 19

led grow light vs HID lighting for marijuan

As you may remember from my last post on this comparative grow, I used the LED grow light 357 as a seedling light to start all the plants off. At day 11 I divided the seedlings into 2 areas, each experiencing the same environmental factors, food etc. At this stage they were still in 10cm […]