Searching for the CBD part 2

When the Growers Guide embarked on this project everything seemed crystal clear and straightforward .. but as with all things….. life has a habit of chucking those occasional curve balls ..


Project Aims:


  1. To provide a 20:1 (CBD:THC) mother plant so that a family in Europe with twins with Dravet’s Syndrome could grow medicine which is proving spectacularly successful in treating this life threatening and progressively disabling illness over in the USA.
  2. To start a breeding project through line breeding and F5 Cross Breeding in order to stabilize a high CBD very low THC strain into seed form in order that other families outside MMJ areas can do the same.



There are a number of breeders working on this as there are problems stabilizing the high CBD content in seed form. Theoretically there is no sound reason why it shouldn’t become stable and I think the only way forward is for us all to continue until the breakthrough is made. Every journey a person makes must start with the first step and if you worry about the trials you might face on the journey then you may as well just sit by the fire and dream what might have been achieved.




To go ahead with Stage 1, there are 4 steps .. simple and easy we thought!



(i)                 Buy seeds likely to throw the 20:1 genotype variant

(ii)               Grow the seeds until large enough for testing at the Fundacion-Canna Institute in Barcelona

(iii)             Select the high CBD variant and grow into mother plant then take clones for growing on & flowering.

(iv)             Make cannabis oil from the buds and start treatment.





Buying the Cannabis Seeds

Now although the driving force behind cannabis seed breeding has for many years been to produce higher and higher levels of THC (because CBD has a dampening effect on the THC psychoactive effect, many modern strains have less than 1% CBD)  the new science of the CBD has meant some great work done by a few medical seed breeders (Humboldt, CBD Crew, Resin) in developing strains with CBD content. Of these the Searching for the CBD Project needed unstable strains, ones which in addition to a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio (normally around 6%:6%) would throw out the necessary very high CBD but virtually no THC levels that these children need.


The obvious first choice was Cannatonic by Resin Seeds:

Resin Seeds Cannatonic





Trying to find the seed stock for the breeding project was very difficult we searched high and low to find the right start but everything that we believed may work was out of stock. Finally after a couple of weeks of searching we discovered that a company in Canada that claimed to have regular Cannatonic in stock ..

So one of the interested parties stumped up the 300 plus euros needed to purchase them, however after payment we quickly started getting warning signals through correspondence. No tracking information was given, they refused to answer any questions about the validity of the stock and only replied to serious questions with “we wish good karma on all growers and that our seeds reach the light.. blah blah blah”


So we contacted Resin Seeds to enquire if they or any of their distributors had ever sold seeds to the canadian hemp co and the answer was sadly not….


Our fears were realized two weeks later when a package turned up with a corrugated plastic sheet with over 300 seeds inside:



Canadian Hemp Company: scam alert!


Google Searches for Canadian Hemp Company: scam turned up lots of bad reports, and it was when Canadian Hemp Co claimed to have in stock the Israeli developed Avidikel which is definitely NOT available for sale that we realized that this spurious company does not just rip people off: it actively targets vulnerable people looking for hard to get medical strain; people who can’t afford to waste grow time developing bogus seeds and producing worthless medicine. Cannabis oils grown from these counterfeit strains won’t contain the chemical compounds necessary for cancer and other treatments, if they flower at all (the clue may well be in the name: they may simply be Hemp Seeds)


At this point Resin Seeds stepped in and donated 20 x Z6 (a Cannatonic cross) and 20 x CBD Crew’s Sweet and Sour Widow seeds. We also managed to get hold of 10 x Cannatonic cannabis seeds,

5 x Special Meds, a private medical growers/breeder in Canada’s own strain (untested by labs, but sworn by) and just the other day Bud Buddies donated 10 X Otto 1




So on the tenth of June we germinated the following:


10 XCannatonic  Resin seeds

20 X Sweet and sour widow Cbd Crew

20 x Z6 CBD crew


On the 20th I germinated 5 x Special med



And I intend germinating the 12 x Otto seeds as soon as I clear some space!



So some excellent potential genetics to work with. After germinating on damp tissue, they were all placed in labeled 10cm pots. Now I have to say that outdoor environmentals aren’t the best at this time of year here in southern Spain; external temps are 30ºC and humidity levels average at 20%. However with the grow tent sealed and a small grow spectrum LED (to keep heat down) combined with short periods of extraction the grow environment had much more suitable humidity and temperature levels.



It’s funny: as the kind of grower who always likes trying different strains, I’ve got the art of seed germination and seedling care down to a fine art. In fact as a hobby breeder I often germinate hundreds of seeds at a time often killing off the majority of them a month later as part of the selection process. I’ve become a ruthless and determined cannabis plant murderer! But I’ve never felt  such a responsibility towards a seedling as I have these, and every day has been angst ridden! To be frank, the strains as a whole (with the exception of the Sweet & Sour Widow) have been problematic. The Z6 was vulnerable to wetting down disease and I lost a few to this in the first week. All have been slow growing with very delicate fine leaves. I’ve got some of my Cheesy Auto strain seedlings on the go at the same time, and the difference at this stage is a bit like that between a greyhound pup and a mastiff. For now the Cheesy Autos seem to have more vigour and vitality but that’s not to say that once grown the Medical Strains won’t win the (CBD) race …


medical mj



On the 12th of July we transplanted the seedlings into 3 L pots with a very light coco / perlite mix 50/50 and another careful watering with a 25% strength vegetative feed. Each pot is labeled (with tippex) with the strain and number so we can easily match up the results.






As we approach the end of July, step 2 is approaching.


Now the original plan was to start with 40 regular Cannatonic seeds on the basis that as this strain shows a 5% development of the 20:1 .. and as we needed 1 male and 1 female (at least) to start the breeding project off …

We had to make some compromises with the strains we use, although personally I think the cross varieties may prove more potential in the long run. Now it looks as though we may have to take each stage of testing a little more slowly as well.


The Fundacion-Canna in Barcelona is able to take chemical compound testing from vegetative stage plants from the top central leaflet at a plant with at least four nodes. But even with a hugely discounted multi-testing rate of 47.19€ the sums soon add up. Through donations, affiliate sales of seeds from Orginal Sensible Seeds (15% of any cannabis seed sales via links on this site go to the Project), sales of my own auto seeds (100% goes to the Project) we have now raised nearly 1300€ .. so thanks to everyone of you who’ve bought something through the Growers Guide to Cannabis! Its for a really good cause so well done and thank you. However we are still 500€ short of testing for the full 40 seedlings. And also I have a good feeling about the Otto Seeds which are yet to be germinated.


So after some lengthy discussion with myself, and bearing in mind the time imperative to find the mother plant for the twins medicine (their current run of barbiturate medicines will shortly come to an end) the first aim will be to test for the 20:1 female whilst we continue to fund raise for the testing of the potential male plants. This also means I will have more focus on each sex side at a time …


high cbd medical strains
5 weeks old and still very delicate: but big hopes rest with these little ladies


The next update on this grow report will feature the testing of the strains, so its an exciting time ahead. I’ll then be germinating the Ottos, sexing and getting prepared for finding a high CBD Daddy plant whilst I grow the Mother Plants on ready for taking cuttings.






Again a massive big thanks for everyone who has been helping out especially Jamie, Line and Elizabeth from Resin Seeds and Jeff  Ditchfield from Bud Buddies


5 thoughts on “Searching for the CBD part 2

  1. jaason says:

    bulldog seeds has listed as an official dealer of their products… they should be able to provide contact with the real people behind these scam sites… they never send out real seeds from real breeders they mail out hemp seeds. how bulldog has them as an official dealer is beyond me. bulldog is legit so someone needs to ask bulldog who they are dealing with… they have stolen thousands of dollars from people…

  2. jaason says:

    waiting for approval, i have the info people have been looking for for years about the theives from and… the persona they are looking for is

    kelly maude
    30 Cavan St 203, Nanaimo, BC

    let them know… after much communication and convincing them telling them i wish to spend a few thousand but i want to inspect my stuff in person they directed me to SinnSativa a gothic store at 931 commercial ave vancouver bc….

    upon inspecting this places facebook page i managed to find their website i facebooked them and asked if they had what i was looking for instock i was refered by another poster quickly jumped in and said is a scam in wich sinnsativa responded we dont know we get refrences from lol, everyone knows they are the same people. this is the first i ever heard of so i went to check them out too… all whois info points to them being the same people. chc, medicalseeds, marijuanagirls, etc etc etc…

    anyways, after more research i noticed something about sinnsativas website, they had multiple storefronts, one wich was only one door down from where and listed their business address as in their bank accounts to accept bank transfers to the bank of novascotia wich is also just 2 doors down from their listed address

    hemp west (medicalseeds, canadianhempco listed address at bank to accept bank transfers)
    702 columbia street

    sinn sativas old storefront
    644 columbia st
    new westminster bc
    V4M 1A9

    ie: (they can accept mail in payments cause oops, we got some of your mail again, bring it next store to sinn)
    once that location shut down for sinn sativa and started using a mailbox store

    667 columbia street
    New Westminster, BC.

    again few doors down,

    after more investigating using their bank transfer info and the locations of sinnsativa stores i located old shut down facebook pages for sinnsativa i managed to find their website after they claimed they did not know and were not affiliated with either ms or chc, the whois info for the pages use the same name servers as, as well as the same registrars as well as if you look at sinnshops and canadianhempco.coms source pages both were built using the same cart software. eCommerce

    too many coincidences for these not to all be the same people wich brings me to the final conclusion, the person

    you are all looking for who if not THE person that has stolen thousands from people around the world

    she knows where to find them, is

    kelly maude
    30 Cavan St apartment#203, Nanaimo, BC

    the registered owner of

    i didnt even order from them just saw all the reports of scams and it made me sick…. took me less then 24 hours to track them down and connect the dots… your all welcome… now go get your money back.

    if they didnt get greedy and send me to sinnsativa store i couldnt have found them… by the way sinn sativas new location is

    931 commercial drive

    better hurry before they shut down and disappear again like they did from new westminster… good luck and good karma..

  3. more of the theives says:

    BEWARE OF ROLLITUP . org they hide and protect scam artists and ban you even when you have total proof with links to back them up. all seed breeders and banks should boycott rollitup for allowing others to be scammed using your good names!!!!

    i think i made my point, and they can lie all they want and try making threats, but heres one last nail in their coffin, all the way back from 2009 archives on – Canadian hemp co/sinn fashions delta/Canadian cannabis co/Sativa labyrinth hemp.
    All supposed to be located @ 702 Columbia st New Westminster, BC.

    anyone happen to notice the companies names up there? SINN fashion, SATIVA hemp? well get this, another store from 2006 archives on a goth site – Sativa Hemporium Labyrinth Gothic… guess where??? sinn sativas current location commercial drive….

    ALSO!!!!! got them dead to rights this time, SINNSHOP.coms whois data, meaning sinn sativas website owner information: look at the email address: Registrant Name: KELLY MAUDE
    Registrant Organization: KELLY MAUDE
    Registrant Street: 30 CAVAN #203
    Registrant City: NANAIMO
    Registrant State/Province: BC
    Registrant Postal Code: V9R6K3
    Registrant Country: CA
    Registrant Phone: +1.2507534782
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email: [email protected]
    but we are all crazy and im just setting them up… that was the last straw… same name as one of the scam business listed at 702 back in 2009

    (i screen captured the whois page before in case they run and change it)

    i would have let it go where i left it but then they tried calliung me a liar and i dont like that… made me dig deeper there sinn sativa, now i got you dead to rights. fuck you scamming bitches… karmas a bitch and your about to meet her…

    same name as one of the fake scam sites that were listed at 702 commercial drive when was ripping people off, a few people were able to get a woman named sara on the phone… after a while, sara no longer answered the phone an angry asian man did and he’d be pissed. he would say SARA NO WORK HERE NO MORE!!! when asked their location, 702 columbia st. nwestminster, bc… same as’s bank account. she worked there to steal the addess to open the account. sinnsativa’s old store, right next door… but its all coincidence… :o/… yeah ok……/f99f4a5f-0436-4542-b667…

  4. more of the theives says:

    Bank transfer information
    name/firm: Hemp New West Environmental
    street: 702 Columbia street
    city: New Westminster British Columbia V3M 1A9
    country: Canada
    Bank account number/IBAN: 60020 002 0045616

    name of your bank: The Bank of Nova Scotia
    street: 728 Columbia street
    city: New Westminster British Columbia V3M 1A9
    country: Canada

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