Searching for the CBD

I am a cannabis grower and hobby seed breeder, not a doctor or health professional.

So lets get this right from the start; I wont be discussing the whys, hows or ethics of using a high CBD strains to heal ill folks: I will leave that to those who are better qualified than me.

Let’s just assume for now that I have seen evidence to demonstrate that CBD works in treating many forms of illness. 

One of the fundamental reasons the growersguidetocannabis was started 2 years ago was about education and helping people grow the best that they can, whether that be for recreational, or more importantly medical use. Its why we run a live chat on the site which to be fair pulls my hair out. If I hear “I planted my seed last week why hasn’t it given me any bud yet “ I think I will cry – But this is the cross I bear and stop me rambling lets get back on topic.

high cbd cannabisI have a lot of people who contact me and I’ve been working with medical growers setting up and designing rooms for those who are brave enough to step outside of the box and try and help themselves. This is by far my favourite part of my work.  I have met through this some very noble people that I feel privileged to have been able to help in some small way. Sometimes you meet someone who touches your heart, and I’ve stood by helping them where I could and watched them struggle.

One thing I have noticed, especially when dealing with cannabis oil is that the side effects are very strong. For some people who have extremely low tolerance levels for THC, these side effects can be almost unbearable. One brave woman I know described them as being “worse than chemotherapy”, and it was extremely difficult for her to take the medication even though there was clinical evidence that cannabis oil was working. It has been heartbreaking being witness to her struggle with the medication that could help her, yet that was giving her a quality of life which for her was intolerable.
So what do you do….. How do we give this treatment to those who are vulnerable, who have a low tolerance for THC, who are old, and dare I say it: children?  How as a carer can you give a medicine which can have such a negative side effect on those who are unable to deal with either the physical side effects or indeed the psychoactive component namely THC……. How do you as a parent, deliberately make your small child extremely stoned?

To me at least it seems what is needed is a high ratio CBD/THC strain even as far a 20:1 ratio. It seems far fetched but I’ve seen the evidence and now share it with you below: basically a 1:1 rated cbd/thc strain can throw a high CBD level pheno in 5% of samples tested

high cbd cannabis


The above analytic data was a test of 18 flowers from 18 plants grown from seed of the strain CannaTonic from Resin seeds.
As a seed breeder I find myself in a quandary here: I’ve spent years selecting high THC traits in my autos along with taste and smell, and to be fair this is easy to test, you roll one up and have a smoke and judge it from there. And lets face it what experienced grower or cannabis seed company wants to take time and research developing a strain for which there is no psychoactive element. Its hardly a great sales pitch is it?

But I’ve recently made contact with another great and brave lady who needs this geno…

so here starts a series of articles on “searching for the CBD.”

I´d appreciate it if anyone has anything to add on this topic. All relevant research and information from this world wide web would be appreciated: its in a good cause! I’m aware that there are serious researches into CBD in different parts of the world. Pulling all the info together is another job entirely …




10 thoughts on “Searching for the CBD

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you are truly trying to broaden this to be accepted by the general public, this article should be written so that it is more accessible to people who aren’t following this topic 100%. It might be helpful to leave some background on what CBD is, what id does, etc., either as a couple of paragraphs or as a link to a previous article. As someone who works in life sciences but is a huge proponent of medical marijuana, I am a bit lost as you jump right into this topic with no lead up or explanation.

    • campo cultivator says:

      You´re perfectly right. There are 3 of us working on these series of articles, and as yet the one on what CBD and THC means isnt finished. It will be up soon :)
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Old Hippie says:

    High CBD medicine is not only a real thing but a really important thing. It enables sick people take the higher doses of THC they may need for their condition, without having to deal with the psychoactive and other effects of THC. Sure, millions of people enjoy that every day, but not everyone does. And as you pointed out, plenty of people either can’t tolerate it, or it interferes with their daily lives. That’s one reason I teach people about microdosing, but not everyone can do that. Take good care of that high CBD ratio plant, because it could be worth people’s actual lives…which is way more important than mere money. Thanks for all you do. Nugs and hugs!

      • Old Hippie says:

        Why sure! (and before I get any further I should let you know that I’m on a Windows desktop running Chrome and your site seems like it’s configuring itself for a phone…just saying).

        Anyway, microdosing cannabis is the technique of deliberately using sub-psychoactive doses in a medical context, so that (in an ideal case) you manage to get the symptom relief you need without getting high or impaired. It works best in cases where people are using cannabis for mental or emotional issues such as anxiety, panic, depression, or insomnia, rather than against pain or cancer. The original article on the subject can be found at and explains the origin and some basic techniques. It’s simple to do, but requires some self-control and maturity…the intent is NOT to get high, but to feel better!

        P.S. Cannatonic is awesome stuff and I’m glad there are folks like you working to propagate it and make it better!

        • campo cultivator says:

          Brilliant thanks for the link. I’m sure many people will find it useful.

          Re the site, I get that in Google Chrome too and unfortuntately I´m not experienced in all this techie stuff to know why it happens .. (any wordpress experts out there?) .. but knowing it happens to someone else and not just me means there is a problem so maybe I can try and find the answer

          Re Cannatonic – we’re having big problems finding regular Cannatonic seeds. Any one know where we can get them? For a breeding project like this one, its regular, not feminised that we want ..

  3. Smitty says:

    In Canada we grow industrial hemp for seed and fibre. Has anyone looked at the CBD levels of the industrial hemp varieties? The THC levels are regulated and randomly sampled to ensure they are very low. Not sure if industrial hemp is grown in the U.S.

    • campo cultivator says:

      I think we are all interested in the possibility that hemp may be of use, apart from its hermie tendencies … which could in theory be bred out .. however as far as I know you need a licence to obtain hemp seeds in Europe. Any one know more?

  4. Ad says:

    Reading about your associates that have difficulty taking the oil due to, for want of a better explanation, getting stoned. My Mother had lung cancer and was taking a gram of oil a day before bed. Her speech would be slurred and she would just stare out the window for most of the day. Totally “couch locked”. Sadly for her it didn’t work and she passed about 4 months after starting the oil. She resorted to the oil after having had a lung removed and then getting secondaries. Some of my family resented that she was fairly “out of it” for the last couple of months of her life due to the oil, but my Father and I were all for it. We have a friend who’s Father had cancer in 4 different places after a long struggle and was given no more than 6 weeks to live at the time of starting the oil. That was 5 years ago and he made a complete recovery.

    Anyway, I digress, the reason for my comment. Those people that want to avoid the THC effects should try juicing. I understand you get all the benefits, without any side effects and are also able to ingest considerably more. Here’s fairly good video on it, though I expect you’re aware of this method.

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