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Searching for the CBD part 3

So it’s been a while since the last post the plants have been growing and the samples sent to the Canna Institute and I’m now pleased to announce we now have the results!

… And we will get to that later


The support and help has been fantastic and once again I WANT TO THANK YOU GUYS  yup you people out there that have been driving the project, helping an old stoner find the enthusiasm for all the bloody labelling and analytical work…….. (oops did I just say that lol).

So we got to the stage where we decided to test only the female plants of our test batch mainly concentrating on the strains Cannatonic and Z6 (many thanks CBD crew) picking the healthiest and most vital of the female plants and taking center leaf samples labelling and bagging up and off to the Fundacion Canna’s HQ at (now) Valencia University Spain

Again many thanks to the institute for helping us carry out our work, and for having the patience with a (seemingly stupid im sure) barrage of Emails

For me this has been a big old learning curve and yeah some mistakes have been made but we got there in the end :)

So first I’m going to get right down to it and list the individual tests results …….Have a good look through and then we can analysis and summarise the results together and decide how and when we can use this information to achieve as much as we possibly can


As you can see from the above information the largest CBD content from the test group contains

  1. A female plant with a  12-1 CBD-THC ratio
  2. A female plant with a virtual 14-1 CBD-THC Ratio
  3. A number of plant with an average of 1.5-1 CBD-THC ratio
  4. A number of plants with a high THC ratio

So I’m afraid this time we never managed to reach our desired 20-1 ratio we had a even chance with 20 samples but I always knew it was going to be a risk and would have liked to test 40 but the funds and promised funds never emerged ,so we had to run with what we had at the time.


However by no means has the project lost any motivation the 20:1 goal is still in mind and im hoping through selective breeding we might yet still be successful

First things first, before we go any further we need to resend the samples of the plants we need to work with, get them analysed and compare them to the results we already have.

That way we can know for sure the accuracy of the testing

The best way I believe would be to take cuttings from the two plants and flower them of and have these flower samples tested for a  full spectrum analysis,

Once we have confirmed that indeed we do have the desired high ratio plant we can then have a look at all of our options:


  1. To S1 both plants, now to be honest this is all new ground to me but I might do it any way…. and see what the girls test at with another vegetative stage of testing perhaps only 5-10 samples  hell just what I need more book work  (and he groans in despair)
  2. To CS a clone of plant 8 and cross with a clone of plant 10B grow on the resulting seeds and again test the off-spring
  3. To plant 10 otto1 seedlings find a high CBD male and start the breeding process off to another level

All pretty exciting here with far too many options

One thing we have now achieved is that we can now target medicine in any of the range of ratios and when mixed can achieve any THC/CBD ratio between 14-1 cbd/thc to 20-1 THC/CBD

But oiling the 14-1 and a high THC separately and mixing to the desired ratio in a accurate and effective way however – I’m going to leave that side of it to those who have a better understanding than myself


UPDATE: Spring 2014.

What I in the end did was take a clone of the 12:1 plant, and using STS techniques, turned her from a female to a male and crossed her with a female clone of the 14:1 plant. I’m assuming this means that the feminised seeds I now have have a strong chance of throwing several high CBD:THC plants. But I’ll be honest these plants have been very difficult to grow and keep healthy: extremely slow growing, prone to pretty much everything, with wierd genetical add-ons like the tendency to grow horizontally and vine-like. For a while I’m turning my head back to some strains that give some satisfaction in watching them grow!










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