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The definitive guide to vaping cannabis

guide to vaping cannabis

Everything you need to know about vaporizers .. Vaping hit the news headlines in 2014 when the Oxford Dictionary made it their word of the year. Use of e-cigarettes for nicotine and portable pen vaporizers for cannabis had sky-rocketed and it seemed like everyone was vaping something everywhere. For many of us used to joints […]

Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report

nl big big bud auto review

Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report This is my first time here so please bear with me. I am about to start a new grow, 24 Northern Light X Big Bud Autos from World Of Seeds. I will be growing in Bato Buckets  (Dutch Pots) with 66% Hydroton and 34% of a 50/50 cocoa […]

Propagation Lights

Propagation Lights   We all know that the right lighting is necessary for clones and seedlings. Too strong a light, and they will suffer. Too little light and they will stretch and flop. Over the next few weeks I will be conducting a series of amateur trials looking for the most efficient amount of propagation lighting needed […]

White Berry (Paradise Seeds) Review

White Berry medical marijuana

White Berry (Paradise Seeds) Grow Report    White Berry from Paradise Seeds This lovely cannabis strain from Paradise Seeds is a great and easy grow. She tolerates heat stress well and is good with nutrients. Don’t worry if she looks like doing nothing – suddenly in the last few weeks she will explode! Favours a […]

What is the best grow tent?

What is the best grow tent? Now to be fair I never thought I would use a tent to grow cannabis.  I spent many years banging up my grow rooms out of 4×4 and marine ply like a demented hooligan, cursing and muttering under my breath about “what tools I didn’t have”, ” How I wanted this or […]

Best heater for a marijuana grow room

What’s the best heater for a marijuana grow room? So now the cold weather has set in and it looks like being a long winter, many marijuana growers are looking to add heat to their grow room.  Its not just us LED growers who need to think about warming up their areas, even a HID […]