Quick guide to growing under LEDs: some points to look out for

Did you say you were still hitting 28º C wow I wish !
have you got an extractor running ? don’t forget you can cook a chicken with a 100watt light bulb in a sealed box …

airflow is very important

  1. To remove excess heat item
  2. To ensure that fresh co2 is delivered to the plant
  3. as far as height is concerned:  I would suggest that 50cm 18″ is the closest you ever get the light I had a few problems when moving the light closer and burnt all of my baby’s

to give you a rule of thumb guide:

    • seedlings 80 cm-100cm
    • veg 60cm
    • flower around 50-60 cm it will depend on your enviroments

    these units are deceptively powerful

    another couple of tips which might give you a bump start are:


    1. Cal/mag for sure you will need to use this (at least the mg part anyway) I have high calcium levels so I use epsom salts either sprayed on the leaves or fed through the leaves at one teaspoon per gallon (4.5 L) about every 8 days when using co-co, if in soil I would probably add every 2-3 weeks
    2. to take full advantage of what these lights are capable of keep your ph at optimum levels (what this is will depend on your medium) as they will need all the nutrients they can get as 95 % of the light is used by the plant
    3. normally I would say keep a eye on your watering that due to lower temps the plants will uptake less …so need watering less than you may have gotten into the habit of
    4. get hold of some pk13/14 and add a little boost mid to late flowering trust me they will love it with the leds

    and finally good luck !! any Q’s just ask I’m subbed