T5 grow lights: will they grow cannabis?

Regular readers of this site will know that after many years of using HID grow lights (and wrestling with the issues of heat production, stretching etc) that I’ve found my solution in the best LED grow lightsBut LEDs aren’t the only alternative to HPS and if I hadn’t been convinced by them already, I would now be looking at a T5 lighting system.

Of all the T5 grow lighting systems that I’ve seen used in various grows it is the Quantum “Bad Boy” Range which really stands out. I’ve seen some superb cannabis grows done using this light (check out Jackal’s reports on autoflower.net for example).


So what is the Quantum Bad Boy and how does it work?


The Quantum Badboy succeeds where others fail for a full seedling to harvest grow because it combines a decent coverage area with sufficient output and high performance.

It uses the “Fulham Race Horse Ballast” which is finely tuned to produce maximum output from the tri-phosphor bulbs – 28% more light than T5s using traditional ballasts and yet with no increase in power consumption.


The tri-phosphor bulbs produce a natural colour and light promoting:

  • tighter internodal spacing 
  • thicker stem walls (enabling increased photosynthesis rates)
  • heartier foliage



  • High Output optimized fixture for MAX bang for your buck!
  • Unique folding structure for easy transportation
  • Vented Ballasts and reflectors keep heat to a minimum
  • Bulbs are spaced to provide a uniform light
  • Glass coated aluminum reflectors provide deeper penetration.
  • Multi-volt operation, 120v/240v right out of the box!
  • Bulb Type Lumens Output:
    • T5 Lamps High Output Lamp: 93.5 lumen per watt
    • 2900 K Lamp High Output Lamp: 88 Lumen per watt
    • 6500 K Lamp Super High output hyper-driven lamps and fixtures define optimum production from start to finish.


Quantum makes two types of bulbs, 6500K and 2900K. The 6500, obviously is for veg, the 2900K for flowering. Whats nice is they package and sell them in 8 bulb packs, or you can buy em each separately .


To sum up:

A T5 system CAN grow a cannabis crop from seedling to harvest with low power consumption and minimal heat.  Reading through grow reports on various forums the story seems very similar to when you read through LED journals .. the sceptics at first believing the whole idea is a joke, the actual grower loving the results.

t5 cannabis growThe quantum Bad Boy is the best addition to my grow room its the best investment I have made my plants are so green and bushy i used a 600 watt MH and HPS before to veg my plants and that was a mistake i didnt know what i was missing until i got the bad boy….my advice is invest in the Quantum Bad boy if you want your plants to be all they can be!!

Do I want one?  Yes!  Would I buy one?

Well at prices starting at $147 for the smallest fixture and $69.95 for 4 bulbs, yes I would. And reading the reviews and having seen the grows, I am actually convinced enough to buy this double fixture:
ujnQUANTUM Bad Boy T-5 4 ft 8 Lamp Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture 432W – Folds Up!

Make sure you buy the bulbs for vegetative stage and for flower and I think you’ll be looking at a winner. The Quantum Bad Boy is THE perfect solution to any of the following growers problems:

  • excess heat
  • power consumption
  • height restrictions
Buy now .. secure checkout through amazon


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