Propagation Lights


We all know that the right lighting is necessary for clones and seedlings. Too strong a light, and they will suffer. Too little light and they will stretch and flop.

Over the next few weeks I will be conducting a series of amateur trials looking for the

most efficient amount of propagation lighting needed to cover a large propagator/dome for the first ten days of  life


ensuring that

  1. for the case of clones that they root well and have no apparent stretching
  2. for seeds that again they grow well with no apparent stretching


Now regular readers of this site know that I’m very much into my LEDs, so why change anything?

I will be starting with a 10 watt integrated led with a 120º angle


Clone/seedling lighting






clone/seedling light


and finally 28 Dinafem Original Amnesia cuttings/clones  in 25mm/1″ Grodan rockwall cubes


Dinafem Amnesia clones



All of the above pics are the clones at 4 days after cut , so far looking healthy but no signs of roots as yet.

The next test will be using a 20 watt Led to cover the same area and we will see how much a difference (if any) in health and speed of rooting.Also this week we will be doing the same trial with seedlings with first the ten watt followed with the 20 watt

All leds used in this trial will have a 6500K spectrum


So whats the point in all this ?

What I’m trying to find out is the correct amount of light for both seedling and clone stage

These are cheap floodlights. Will they be adequate for young and tender plants?

It needs pointing out that they have no cooling system, but whilst they won’t be in constant use (I’m not doing cuttings commercially) I am expecting them to last 2 years with regular use.


The point is that if these work, then for surprisingly little money – $25 plus postage, I will be able to start seedlings or clones off in a small space whilst my main plants are finishing – and with only an additional 10 watts of electricity.


Heres the link where I picked up the two very reasonably priced LEDs. If anyone else wants to help with the trials without breaking the bank:

10 watt integrated LED 120º 6500K

20 watt integrated led 120º 6500K


or you can buy from via our online hydro store:

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    • weed widow says:

      Cheers! We’re running another side by side at the moment – LED vs HPS and IWS vs NFT – check the youtube channel to see how its going

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