8″ Inline Exhaust Fan + Carbon Filter

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Virtual Sun 8″ Inline Exhaust Grow Light Fan W/ Carbon Air Filter Scrubber Cleaner

VS800CF Specifications

»99.5% Odor Removing Capability.
»180 Degree Maximum Operating Temperature.
»Lifespan: 1.5-2 Years Depending On Operating Conditions.
»180 Degree Maximum Operating Temperature.
»Recommended Operating Conditions: Environments W/ Less Than 70% Humidity.

VS800F Specifications

»Speed: 2760 R.P.M.
»Airflow: 904 C.F.M.
»Air Pressure: 253 (Pa)
»Sound Level: 76 (dB)
»Voltage: 110V/60Hz
»Wattage: 176 Watts (1.4 A)

What’s in the Box

»Virtual Sun VS800CF 8″ Flange Carbon Air Filter Scrubber
»Cotton-Fill Pre-filter
»Virtual Sun VS800F 8-Inch Centrifugal Inline Grow Hood Fan
»Premium Grade Fan Cover
»Mounting Legs & Hardware
»Operating Manual


»30 Day Virtual Sun Satisfaction Guarantee.

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