Royal Queen: Northern Light Auto (x100)

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A great northern lights auto that’s ideal for beginner auto growers or those just wanting a no nonsense easy grow. (hell yeh!)

Great physical high that hits with a bang then mellows out for the next few hours ..

Nice looking smelly bud with good bag appeal, lots of crystals and good nugget size.


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Also available in 1,3, 5 & 10 seed packs growers review for Northern Light Auto:

SeedBank :
Royal Queen

Northern Lights

Did it auto flower?:
Yes, at 17 days

Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Fox Farm Trio

Light (kind and schedule):
Blackstar 240-18/6

From seed to harvest date:
77 days (11 weeks)

Dry Yeid: 28g

High/Effect Duration (how long did effects last):
This bud hits you in the face hard and quick, and then moves slowly to the body. It has been good for just relaxing playing some video games or if you need to go to work. High lasts 1-2 hours.

RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good

Bag Appeal: * to *****
**** Big juicy looking buds with lots of trichs and few leafs in the bud.

THE GROWth: * to *****
**** Stopped vertical growth at 5 weeks and started to really flower up. She ended up being 18″ tall with a hint of pinkish purple on her main cola.

THE SMELL: * to *****
***** Strong fruity pebbles smell.

THE SMOKE: * to *****
***** Nice clean smooth smoke.

THE HiGH: * to *****
**** Good physical high that goes a long ways. Great to smoke one hitters with it throughout the day.

OVERALL: * to *****
***** She was easy to grow and produced a fair amount of good dank. I would recommend her to new growers and veterans alike.


Royal Queen Seeds Northern Light Automatic is one of 5 new Autoflowering strains released by Royal Queen Seeds seed bank.

Northern Light is one of the best-known strains of cannabis in the world. It’s a mostly Indica strain bred in the 1970s in the USA from Afghani genetics. In the 1980s, the plant came to Holland. It soon become the standard for indoor growing. Over the last few years, there have been many changes in growing and breeding techniques. Royal Queen Seeds Northern Light Automatic is a perfect mix of new and old.

Now this strain is both autoflowering and feminized. Northern Light Automatic is great for growing indoors but can also been grown outdoors in warm climates. The plant starts growing and producing flowers almost immediately, and is ready for harvest in only 9 to 10 weeks from planting the seeds.

Northern Light Automatic gives a generous harvest and might be one of the highest-yielding autoflowering strains available. Growing to a height of around 90-120 cm, it is quite a large plant for an autoflowering variety, but this is matched in its yield. Outdoors in Spain some plants have produced upto 200 g, though around 90 g is the average in good conditions indoors.

Much like the original Northern Lights, Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights Automatic has a nice, sweet taste and a comfortable physical effect. It’s the same classic strain, just with an autoflowering twist. Which also makes it a great plant for medical users.


Cannabis seeds are shipped with stealth packaging worldwide thanks to Original Sensible Seeds Company, our favourite seed bank. Their rep for great customer service, prices and seed freebies is well earned.


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