MH Bulb 400 watt (Philips)

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Metal Halide 400w bulb by Philips.


Philips 146506 – CDM400S51/HOR/4K/ALTO 400 watt Metal Halide Light Bulb

Metal Halide 400 watt 94 volt ED18 Mogul Screw (E39) Base 4,000K Clear 800 Series Horizontal Burn +/- 15 degrees ALTO HPS-Retro White MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide HID Philips Light Bulb
Color/Finish: Clear
Color Temperature: 4,000K
Average Lifetime: 12000 hours
Lumens (light output): 34800
CRI: 86

GG2C says: remember you should change your metal halide bulbs every year (3 seasons).

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