Dutch Passion: Think Different Auto (x3)


Ever fancied growing a show plant? You know, one of those stonking cannabis plants sooo damn good you end up devoting everything to it and taking countless photos, youtube vids and winning Picture of the Month comps on forums everywhere …


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Quick Overview

3 x Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
Also available in packs of 7
Sex: Feminized autoflowering
Harvest: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Type: Indica 20% Sativa 60% Ruderalis 20%
Genetics: AK47 / AutoMazar
Harvest: 9 Weeks
Production: High
THC: 16 – 18%

Autoflower.net grow and smoke report on this super auto, “Think Different”

Think Different

Did it autoflower?:
Yes Day 15!!!

BioBizz All Mix

BioBizz Fish Mix & Bloom

Light (kind and schedule):
600w HPS 20/4

From seed to harvest date:
74 Days

Dry Yeild: 316g

High/Effect Duration (how long did effects last):
Very intense in your face cerebral high, comes on pretty sharpish lasts over two hours

Bag Appeal: 5/5
***** Buds look great, nice and frosty

***** Doing it again need i say more

*****Very sweet in the jar, but has a nice dankly sweet aroma when squeezed.

THE SMOKE: 5/5 +++
*****Grade A

THE HiGH: 5/5
Very uplifting high, gets the mind whiring. Perfect day time smoke, if you don’t over do it. If you do over do it, you’ll end up like me taking 2 hours to get a smoke report together.



1 review for Dutch Passion: Think Different Auto (x3)

  1. :

    Two hits and five hours later to write a review? I’m sold!

    • :

      For sure Mike
      that Think Diferent is a corker mate
      one of my favorites
      Any chance of publishing your review here ;)
      Happy Tokin’

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