Clone King Aeroponic Cloning Machine

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$69.96 (as of June 20, 2016, 12:34 pm)

Expect a 100% success rate!

GG2C SAYS: ” Here at the gg2c we believe in giving you the right products that work well and stand the test of time.

This aeroponic cloning  propagator comes in 3 sizes: 25 36 and 64, which is more than enough for most of us!

A very simple rugged design and principle … however it does not come with a dome. This is not a problem if your veg room has humidity greater  60%: if however you have a drier environment then you need to look at one with a dome (see TurboKlone here). 

The header tank is of an adequate size for rooting cuttings and its light proof too which will help prevent mould build ups.

We would recommend that you replace nozzles for thorough cleaning between cycles and it is always best to keep replacements to hand .. you don’t want a breakage in the middle of your cloning cycle.

You will also need a reliable timer for this system that is capable of running 1 minute on and 5 off.

Rating 4/5

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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The Clone King Aeroponic Cloning Machine makes taking cuttings or clones successfully easy. The cuttings are held in mid air and continuously misted with a highly oxygenated spray. This system enables even the novice grower to achieve a 100% success rate at taking clones, and roots normally appear within 5 days.

  • contains everything you need to start cloning – just add light
  • set up and running within 30 minutes
  • almost 100% success rate
  • cut rooting time in  half
  • start plants off with explosive root development ensuring vigour at all stages
  • plants can be moved onto any type of medium
  • Complete 36 Site System. Reservoir, Lid, Spray Manifold with Misters, Submersible Pump (317GPH) and Inserts.
  • Comes With Easy To Follow Detailed Instructions
  • Comes With 13 Spray Heads


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