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Here’s an update on my Bato Bucket Grow, day 38


Switched from t5s to 400w HPS, That really made a change! Think from now on I’ll only use HPS on the autos.

The Auto Assassins are looking great! Lil buds every where, the NL x BBA are strange tho; the packet description said that they would grow into 1 large cola, shit! these plants came up and split into 2 and 3 mains. just startin to bud on those.

Its only day 38; I change my Nutes every week and clean reservoirs,lines and pumps to remove any salt build up. I’m using GH Flora series and usung their “simple” feed chart,  I never went full strength till last week with the stuff, Also add Biothrive and Calmag to the res,

..The Auto asassins came up at 100% and thriving! The NL xBBA hasn’t been as good,,have no idea why?

You can see the difference in the pics, I’m stumped about this one and I’d really appreciate some feedback :)




One thought on “Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto Grow

  1. campo cultivator says:

    Apart from a couple at the front there they look fantastic they have a good size for a auto and they look to be developing into Honeys
    BTW the two at tye front are suffering from over feed
    They would really benefit form being spaced out to get there full potential I don’t know if that is possible with the way they are built but if it is then go for it get rid of the poorly ones and space out what the healthy ones theyve got a ways to go yet and they will get bigger if you let them
    I would say you have at least another 7 weeks to go they will start flowering properly in the next couple of weeks
    on hindsight it may have been better to have only one to a bucket
    when/if you do spread them out try super cropping them and bending the stems to give them some more space I think you are heading for a bumper crop
    As far as lights are concerned try and remember that you will need a minimum of 40 watts a foot preferably 50
    you should still be on your veg feed hopefully for another week or so
    Your email sounded as if you were disappointed But I don’t know why they are doing great ?
    Keep it up very healthy looking plants

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