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A Quick Guide to Lighting for Indoor Cannabis Grows

cannabis grow lighting

For those of you who don’t remember your school biology classes (well the botany ones at least), plants need light to grow. This self-evident fact that we all take for granted maybe needs explaining in a little more detail if we are to replicate the natural environment in an indoor grow room. Plants are autotrophs, […]

How to get rid of the smell of cannabis from your indoor grow room

how to stop smells cannabis grow room

You can smell a single flowering marijuana plant grown on a mountain top from 20m away when the wind blows a certain way. Imagine therefore the concentrated smell of 20 plants grown in a spare room in a populated area! Its not for nothing that this plant is nicknamed “skunk”. How to get rid of […]

What is pH and why is it important to a cannabis grow?

ph and growing cannabis

What is pH … and why is it important when you’re growing cannabis?   Lets keep this simple: [pullquote right]pH is a numerical number given to how either acidic or alkaline a solution is. (in our case the feed/water  or indeed the medium we grow in) [/pullquote]   pH is measured on a scale of 1-14:  […]

Sexing marijuana

Sexing marijuana how to tell female from male cannabis plants Cannabis is dioecious: except in unusual circumstances, a plant will bear either male or female flowers, but not both. Only the female plants produce flowers containing desirable amounts of THC, and, if they are fertilised (i.e. pollinated by a male plant) the amount of THC is […]

Getting good vegetative growth cannabis

Getting good vegetative growth cannabis   In its natural environment, marijuana is an annual, meaning that it evolves from seed to seed-producer in one season, before dying off. And given that marijuana grows from a few centimetres to 2 or even 3 metres during this 6 month period, you can see how vital and energetic its […]

Growing marijuana seedlings

Growing Marijuana Seedlings: getting your cannabis crop off to a great start Germination Station   see bottom of the page for Campo’s Choice Picks to help you get your seedlings off to a great start!     Whilst buying good Cannabis Seeds provides you with the genetic capabilities of your cannabis plant, growing marijuana seedlings […]

Ventilation: getting good air flow for your cannabis grow

extraction kit

Ventilation: getting good air flow for your cannabis grow Basic plant botany tells us that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Roots need oxygen  so both must be present in the grow room for plant survival. In addition to this, leaves represent the plants lungs: if the stomata (pores) become clogged with poisons expelled […]

The wet / dry cycle and cannabis grows

The wet / dry cycle and cannabis grows Here’s a bit of info about watering and allowing to dry. Pythium is a fungi that attacks the root systems of plants. It tends to be more of a problem in hydroponic systems and in warm weather. But it also attacks roots in soil that is constantly […]