Medical marijuana grow: High CBD strains

Many high CBD cannabis strains are tricky to grow. They can be low yield-producers, fussy with feed and ratios of CBD:THC can vary wildly from seed to seed. In this grow we are concentrating on MediHaze from CBD Crew (producers of the most consistent CBD cannabis strains, in our opinion).

The grow is dedicated for a cannabis oil production on behalf of someone else, but we are using it as an opportunity to find a good high cbd:thc mother plant.  Before putting the MediHaze plants into flower, we will be selecting plants which show signs of good growth etc and taking numbered cuttings. As the plants flower, we will be looking at strength, ease of grow and yield.

The best candidates will then have bud samples sent off for testing. Hopefully at the end, not only will someone have their much needed cannabis oil, we will have a high CBD:THC mother plant which is also a good yielder!

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