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Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!

how to make cannabis massage oil

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It! A great massage will soothe away tension, relieve tired muscles and relax and restore body and spirit. Which is also how cannabis makes you feel. It comes as no surprise therefore that blending the two experiences magnifies the effect. One combination is to receive […]

What is cannabis oil?

what is cannabis oil

For many years we have been involved with clinical cannabis and the production of cannabis oil with friends who are suffering major illnesses. As the medical group of our local cannabis association expands, more people are coming to the open support meetings, some of whom are successfully treating themselves, others who are looking for information about […]

The Novice Guide to Medical Cannabis

guide to medical cannabis

We live in ironic times: a plant that’s been labelled criminal and dangerous is providing unrivalled relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions. Leafly: Cannabinoids 101: What Makes Cannabis Medicine?   Cannabis activists and users have long been aware that the reality of cannabis use is very different to the way it is usually portrayed […]

The best purple cannabis strains

purple cannabis

The best purple strains – and lets add blue cannabis in here too! The best purple cannabis strains always seem to disappear quickly whenever you grow them: friends pop round more often and suddenly your stash is gone. So what makes a purple (or blue) strain that color, what’s the best way to grow purple […]

The easy “how to” for a continuous cycle cannabis grow

cannabis infographic

Earlier this year we had a comment on one of our most popular posts, “What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed?“. If you were to get a grow tent for this size operation what would suggest? Would you consider writing something like this for those wanting to also create a […]

Searching for the CBD cannabis strains: part 3

Resin Seeds Cannatonic
[notify textbox-white]Firstly apologies: this post was written in draft form almost 6 months back and I’ve only just realised that it never went to press. But I know from emails that you guys are interested in this search for the high CBD cannabis strains as it touches many reader’s needs to grow high CBD strains for medical […]

Project Storm: Bud Buddies TV documentary about cannabis oil

  Bud Buddies – Support Project Storm! A few months ago I was introduced to someone’s father. A sprightly pensioner in his seventies, sandals and shorts, “Bob” positively glowed with health. Which was surprising really as according to established medicine he should have been long dead by now. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, […]