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Moonrocks: what are they and are they really THAT good?

what are moonrocks

Everything you need to know about moonrocks. Discovering moonrocks is a little like your first sip of chilled champagne on a sunny day, or that exquisite taste of the first chocolate from a Brussel’s Chocolatier. There’s a great advert for a dispensary product which shows moonrocks as being marijuana’s latest – and implied, best – […]

The definitive guide to vaping cannabis

guide to vaping cannabis

Everything you need to know about vaporizers .. Vaping hit the news headlines in 2014 when the Oxford Dictionary made it their word of the year. Use of e-cigarettes for nicotine and portable pen vaporizers for cannabis had sky-rocketed and it seemed like everyone was vaping something everywhere. For many of us used to joints […]

Regulation Trouble, Colorado Green Rush

We are a state struggling to enforce medical marijuana regulations, but because of budget cuts and spending abuse , our Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division has had to curtail it’s acclaimed seed-to-sale tracking system. Field investigators were supposed to be able to walk into any dispensary or grow operation and use a digital reader to collect […]

Colorado/World News

Legislation concerning the regulation of pot businesses in Colorado is slowly moving forward. The Colorado governor’s Task Force has delivered a lengthy set of recommendations to our state Legislature, to be wrestled with and set into law by May of 2013, and regulations concerning pot usage and growing are supposedly to be voted into state law […]

local pot ban – Lafayette Colorado

  Local pot ban – Lafayette Colorado Our city was the first in the state (to my knowledge) to exercise the freedom of recreational MJ use that Amendment 64 gave us, voted into our state constitution last November. A local tea shop owner opened her business in January for cannabis sharing in the evenings, behind […]

Colorado & Legalising Marijuana

colorado legal cannabis

    Our Governor’s Task Force is “hashing” out the details of our Colorado Amendment 64 as we speak. Here’s the latest:   Marijuana tourism is on the way in Colorado, according to this morning’s article in the Boulder Camera. Out of state folks can come into Colorado and purchase MJ, but can’t buy kilos […]

and 10 reasons why every toker SHOULDN’T grow their own weed …

10 reasons why every toker SHOULDN’T grow their own weed Who would the real growers sell to? Just imagine the environmental pollution: in some parts of most cities, every other house would be blazing away with a 400 watt HPS in the spare bedroom, you wouldn’t sleep at night for the noise of inline fans […]