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LED grow lights and coverage areas

Before I start writing about the plants, I just want to mention something about LED grow lights, cannabis, and coverage areas. There seems to be a lot of conflicting and confusing information on the internet about what areas LED grow lights can cover, as I know when I was researching for the What are LED grow lights? article.

I’ve spent quite literally hours reading everything from specialist forum posts to manufacturers recommendations to “how to grow” websites .. but what it comes down to really is common sense. Lets not confuse the issue more by talking about lumens, lux and PAR .. I’m sticking with what other cannabis growers using LEDs say, and what my experience tells me. The FeroLED 357 has an actual draw of 120 watts. The 250 has an actual draw of dohhh .. 250 watts.

From my HID experience, I know that nearly 60 watts / square foot is ideal for producing yummy buds. Now my two areas are 18″ by 36″, making an area of 4.5 square feet to cover with light. The 250 watt HID does this nicely with 55.5 watts/foot, but the little LED is only giving me 26.4 watts per foot.

Info on a lot of sites implies that even during flowering, a 20 watt/square foot ratio is fine if you’re using LEDs … but actual real life growers say it needs to be 40 watts.¬†The plants are doing lovely at the moment, but do I want to go against experience and risk it at flowering time? ¬†Would you?

NO! So will customs please hurry up and sort out the clearence delay on my new, bigger light so that I can do this experiment fairly?


None of this is to say anything against the Fero Led 357 grow light. I’m actually really impressed with it. Its solid to handle, easy to adjust heights with, produces no noticeable heat at all. Anyone who regularly produces a lot of cuttings or seedlings should definitely have one as it will easily cover 36 10cm pots with no stretching or bending in to the light. It would also make a great mother plant light.

Where the 357 Fero Led grow light really would come into its own is with a closet grow. You really could put this into a space where you’d never dream of having a 250. Its noiseless, virtually heat less and needs only a tiny extractor to replace air within an enclosed space. Got no room? Want to grow cannabis secretly? Get a 357!



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  • Thanks for the info! I just started my LED grow and still trying to figure out the coverage nutrient needs.

    • Weed Widow says:

      glad you found the post useful .. if you want any more info please ask .. cant always say we’ll know but with each grow we get more experience (hopefully!)

  • John Bradshaw says:

    LED lights are the perfect grow lights especially if you have a small grow land. I’m not quite sure if works for a large grow land (commercial grow). In such cases its best to stick with the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) grow lights or Grow lights with high lumen reading atleast till we have grow lights that are feasible for commercial purposes.

    • Yes John we take your point .. except I think it needs defining. If you are growing commercially WITH A LICENSE then it makes sense to invest money in long-life equipment with low running costs. A good LED grow light system will now produce great bud so it would make sense to use it. IF however you are growing large size areas “off the record” then you allow for the fact that every so often you will lose an area (to the law or to thieves) and therefore you want the cheapest equipment capable of producing high yield (unfortunately quality is often a minor factor) as you know that every 3 seasons you will be replacing all equipment for 1 of your x areas ..
      .. not of course that we in any way condone illegal growing of cannabis and all readers should check their local laws hehem

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