Keeping it simple: cannabis seed germination

For those who like to keep it simple, and particularly if you intend to grow on in soil, this is universal method of seed germination is very successful:

You will need –

  •  Shallow  dark container with lid – or 2 plates will do
  • kitchen roll or tissue paper
  • water
  • seeds
  • somewhere dark and warm.


  1. Make sure you, and the area you are using, are clean. Wash hands as nicotine residues can effect the germination rate of your marijuana seeds. Run boiling water over the container too to quickly sterilize it.
  2. Layer the tissue paper several times (or fold if using kitchen roll) until you have about 8 layers. This needs to be moistened evenly and thoroughly using rain water if possible. Tap water is fine, but let it stand for a day first in order that the added chlorine escape to the air. You can use a fine mist sprayer to get a good even layer of water. What you don’t want is to end up with the paper either too dry so that there is not enough moisture for the marijauna seeds to germinate, or conversely too much so that the seeds cannot take in sufficient oxygen, and in effect drown. A light squeeze will show you if the paper is too wet.
  3. Evenly spread your seeds over the wet paper. Give them enough space so that when the marijuana seeds have germinated they do not intertwine before you remove them for planting. Cover with one layer of damp paper. Place the lid on the container. Put somewhere dark and warm (18.5-23C).  If you have an old fashioned style cupboard with your water heater in, this will do fine. Even the top of a stand alone fridge should generate enough consistent heat.
  4. Check daily for signs of drying out and also for signs of cannabis seed germination. Once the seeds have sprouted they will need light, so it is no good leaving them for days at a time.
  5. As soon as the marijuana seed has absorbed enough moisture, the shell will crack and a tiny white rootlet appears. At this point the two seedling leaves remain within the shell but will come out any day. Very carefully, taking care not to damage the fragile root, place the emerging seedling into your growing medium under a gentle light. You don’t want the first root to be any longer than 1 centimeter before transplanting.


An alternative to this method is to fill a clean jar with distilled water which has a few drops of liquid rooting hormone added. Submerge the marijuana seeds thoroughly and shake vigorously to aerate. Put in a warm place (18.5-23ºC) and check every few hours for signs of seed case cracking. As soon as the tap root emerges plant on in the growing medium, about 0.25-0.5cm deep.

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