Using an IWS system to do a sea of green amnesia haze grow

Firstly, what is an IWS System?


IWS stands for Intelligent Watering System, and it works using a “brain” which controls the flood and drain cycle. They have many plus points, such as being modular (so its easy to increase or decrease the size of your grow, as well as cheaper to replace parts),  but for me the big attraction at this point in my life was that once it was set up (and thats a bit of a nuisance) running a grow room using an IWS system meant that all the hard work was taken care of. I just had to sit back and watch my plants love it!

Normally you’d have a one plant per pot setup but I had a load of amnesia haze cuttings looking for a home so I multiplanted 4 just rooted clones per pot, and let them settle for 3 days before flipping straight to flower. The result was that each plant stood only about 30cm (1 foot high) with very few leaves. Trimming was a dream and the resultant buds delightful nuggets – not huge colas but a good size nevertheless.

I’ve got 2 major tips for beautiful buds to share as a result of this grow:

1) Especially if you are using the Canna Nutrient range (but not only) really if you can afford it, add the Canna Boost Accelerator. Its stupidly expensive – for each tank change with the IWS, it was like throwing away a hundred dollar bill (60€) – but so worth it! I’d add the Boost, come back the next day and it was like, “I’ve got a bud bomb gone off in my tent!”

2) I’ve often used Cannazym to maintain a healthy root system. What I did this time was to double up on the Cannazym during flush. Why? Because Cannazym works by breaking down dead root matter (into natural sugars), these sugars were then taken up by the plants during flush. Just like using molasses but even more natural because it is this plants own sugars that are made available to it. The result is that these buds were exceptionally delicious and sweet to smoke.

[pullquote right]I’ve now used – and recommended – the Intelligent Watering System in a number of grows. What’s very obvious to me is that any professional grower looking to achieve both quality and quantity should consider using one of these high performing hydroponic systems. Click on the button below to find out why[/pullquote] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#efa52d” size=”2″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right”]Read more about the IWS system here[/su_button]

One thought on “IWS system – amnesia haze

  1. GimpWithaYoyo says:

    I use the Canna line of nutrients and my plants love them. I’ll be sending my plants to flower very soon and will definitely be using Canna Boost. Yay for enormous buds!

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