Earlier this year we had a comment on one of our most popular posts, “What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed?“.

If you were to get a grow tent for this size operation what would suggest? Would you consider writing something like this for those wanting to also create a mother plant/transplant space in conjunction with the above. Thank you for your help


and it struck me that we were missing the obvious here:

if you really need to regularly produce a half kilo of cannabis (for example for long term production of cannabis oil (Rick Simpson Oil) to treat serious illness), then its not enough to produce it sporadically.

Here’s the result:

Who wants to grow a whole load of weed?


But whilst I was writing this piece – and it so happens, thanks to a conversation with some commercial growers about the secret to regularly producing for market, it occurred to me that the true secret to successful continuous cannabis grows was organisation. And that that might be best represented visually. So here we have the first growersguide cannabis infographic:

continuous cannabis grow


Its taken me a week to do, but I’m more than aware that I’m a novice at such things. Tell me: what do you think?


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  1. Jay says:

    I here ther’s a site that helps people find a marijuana doctor, I think it was called cannabisfriendlydoctors.com maybe you could pass this on. Just thought it might help someone.

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