beginner's grow guides to growing weed

Everything a beginner needs to know about growing cannabis:

Our beginner’s grow guides have been written specifically for people who know nothing about growing cannabis. Perhaps you need to grow your own medicine, are fed up with being ripped off or getting low quality weed, or not being able to get any at all!

There are many solid reasons why you should grow your own, including:

  • Its cheaper in the long term
  • Its safer, not having to deal with “dodgy” people or areas, plus you don’t have the risk of transporting it home.
  • You have the highest degree of quality control
  • You get to pick what you grow – and smoke
  • Its a hugely enjoyable hobby, even if you’ve never grown anything before!

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How difficult is it to grow your own cannabis?

Growing your own cannabis is actually quite easy. Growing weed well however, can be another matter. Our beginner’s grow guides will give you a complete knowledge of the cannabis plant and what you need to provide in order to get a successful harvest.

Before you start though, we suggest you read What is cannabis?. Getting a thorough understanding of what the plant will mean that you understand why certain growing principles apply.

Beginner’s Grow Guides: