How to germinate marijuana seeds

Let’s face it, marijuana seeds are not cheap. Therefore it is important to get the best rate of germination that you can. Luckily  plants want to reproduce and with a little understanding it is easy to get the technique of seed germination down to a fine art.

Marijuana seed breeders cleverly play around with the characteristics of future plants, chemically inducing female plants to produce male flowers (producing feminised seeds) and most recently, through selective breeding developing autoflowering plants, but the basics of all seeds remain the same. They contain the genetic code of a future plant held safe in a dormant state until the correct environment enables the seed to spring to life.

Unlike some plants, the marijuana seed does not require complex conditions in order to germinate. Like all annual weeds, its needs for reproduction are simple: temperature, moisture, oxygen and darkness.

There are many ways to provide your cannabis seed with these and which method you choose depends on what medium you intend to grow in, your budget, and your growing style.


There are a couple of points which should be remembered. Plants rarely produce seeds with a 100% germination rate. Unfortunately despite having bought marijuana seeds at a premium, there is always the chance that not all your seeds will germinate. However using a reputable seed bank or breeder ensures you the best chance of success, and if you follow a sound methodology in planting cannabis but still suffer a high failure rate, a good seed company will offer refund or replacement seeds.

cannabis seed germination

Secondly, the germination rate drops as seed becomes older. Yes, it is possible to grow from seeds passed to you several years ago, but the chances of many of them being viable will have decreased. Try not to store seeds for longer than one year for best results.


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