How to Cure Cannabis

Drying marijuana is only the first stage. To get a really good smooth smoke you need to cure it. Metabolic reactions continue even after the flower is removed from the plant, as cannabonoid acids transform into psychoactive cannabis.

  • When the cannabis buds are slightly crispy when gently squeezed, its time to get a good small pair of sharp scizzors and give them a manicure. Keep in mind how you would want the buds to look if you were having to buy them. Remove stalks and all excess leaf.
  • Next you need some “Mason Jars” glass jars with two-stage lids which create a partial vacuum, as the absence of air halts THC degredation any further. You can also use glass jars with a rubber seal and latch.
  • Fill the jars loosely to the brim, making sure the buds are not crushed whilst at the same time leaving as little air as possible inside.
  • For the first week or so you will need to open and close the jars on a TWICE daily basis to loosely move the buds around and replace the air. Particularly at first you need to watch out for signs of “sweating”, as the inner bud expels any remaining moisture. If they are sweating, take out and leave to dry in the air for a few hours before returning to the jar. Excess moisture during the marijuana curing process will lead to rot.
  • Store in a cool dark place for up to a month to allow for a fully mature flavour and more potent smoke. After this buds should be sealed in vacuum packed bags.


Ideally your smoke should be left for a few months to get the best flavour and strength from it.  We suggest you try making your own hash from your sugar leaves to keep you going in the meantime!

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