First HPS Grow

Hi fellow Cannabis fans,    I have been given this chance to do a blog on my next grow, which i am very happy about, and grateful to CC for arranging it.

First off let me say, i am by no means a Jedi Gardener, in fact i have only did 6 grows previous to this one, so i have a wee bit experience but still have a lot to learn !   Up till now i have always used a Cannibalised shelving unit (shelves removed :-) ), in our walk in cupboard in the bedroom, and due to the size of it, around 3ft(H) x 3ft(W) x 1.5ft(D), i have used CFL’s only; a 300w and a 125w together, or CFL and a small LED; 135w, purely because an HID in this space would have gave off a LOT of heat and i never had room for a decent extractor !

For this grow i will be in a bigger area, using a 600w HPS for Bloom, and they will be VEG’d under my 300w CFL, they are currently only days old seedlings and 7-7 have germinated, so if i have luck like that growing them out, they should be sound. Unfortunately not everything is so simple, due to financial restraints the HPS Light i purchased was a lower end model, Ballast, Light and Reflector for under £100 ! It was delivered within 24 hours of ordering but when i opened it and set it up to make sure all was ok, the bulb flashed for a second or two, then smoke started to come from the ceramic fitting !! I think we all agree- NOT GOOD, even for a budget model. I contacted the shop i bought from, and after a few calls spoke to the Manager , who to her credit sounded horrified and promised a new Light and Reflector, which incidentally is due to be delivered today, so i will update on that next time.  I mean she did say the items/equipment was all EC stamped and built to European safety guidelines, but it doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence when it acts like it’s having a smoke out within seconds of its first use!

For this grow i chose a variety from a Pick n Mix service that the shop i use offers, so i have  1 x Trainwreck, 1 x Lemon Skunk, 1 x Cheese, feminized seeds from GreenHouse, 1 x Fruit Spirit , feminized, and 2 x Sleestack x Skunk regular seeds which were freebies, i also bought 1 x PurpleRyder  Auto from LowRyder to try and shorten the waiting time for an end product, although in my haste ordering , i bought the regular instead of Fem’d seed, but it might still turn out to be a fem, we’ll see !!

I am going to use Bio-Bizz All Mix, which should in theory provide a lot of the plants’ needs, however i have also bought some Bat Guano,Black Gold (EWC) and some Blood/Bone Meal for making a nice organic tea to give them a wee boost !   I also have some Nitrozyme for foliar spraying and some Neem oil, which i will use around once a week as a preventive to beasties and pests!

Everyone has seen pics of seedlings before so i wont put up a pic, and hopefully by the time i update this post, there will be a pic or two worth putting up ! If anyone is doing a 1st grow i hope this maybe help a bit and if i am doing anything wrong or you would just like to pass on a tip or advice , feel free, im open to any words of advice.

Have a good ‘un,          _|/_ FTW                   Celtic Warrior

10 thoughts on “First HPS Grow

  1. campo cultivator says:

    Hey wicked to have you here hopefully the new light will work out better for you
    really chuffed to see the variety in your grow
    I’m pulling up a chair and subbed on this one
    MY man endurox is well into his organic mixes and teas
    here’s a link to his blog on rollitup well worth taking a leaf out of his book and spending the time to read his journal If this is your thing
    Happy tokin

  2. Celtic Warrior says:

    Had a quick look at the organic tea page by Endurox, some good stuff there, bookmarked!! Ive been reading a lot on teas for a while but this is 1st time i will try it, got the all mix soil so i only need to treat them with a tea now n again, although if needed i have some IONIC and Bio-Bizz nutes from previous, that reflector i got is the Dutch Barn model, loads of hydro’s sell it , so i think its been a cheap shit bulb thats caused it, they replaced it but i think i will just get a new Branded bulb nxt week and keep the one supplied for emergency use !! Cheers m8, Have a good un !

  3. campo cultivator says:

    cool very good idea to use that bulb as an emergency back up after all its your primary light source
    try and get a Son.-T-Agro a little bit of blue does wonders
    ive got a couple of suggestions
    generally try and get as big a pot size as you can with these super soil grows…. but you May find that it takes ages between watering when they are young ……so its problematic to keep your medium sweet
    What i’ve seen a lot of people do is cut the bottom off say a 13 cm pot and plant that about 3 cm or so in your 25L large final pot therefore while the plant is young you can control the wet dry cycle and have no transplant shock…… that tap route loves to go straight down
    Also it doesn’t hurt to add a teaspoon of magnesium (Epsom salts) about every third water when they start to flower
    I’ve seen a few of the super soil grows lacking in this
    any way why don’t you post your super soil mix and share some secrets with us all

    Keep it real

  4. Celtic Warrior says:

    My soil mix is quite a regular/usual mix, I.m going to be using the Bio-Bizz, and mixing per gallon, 1/2 Cup N high Guano, 1/2 cup EWC, i need to check the amount, but i have Alfalfa meal as well, and 1/2 cup of Blood Bone meal mix and Sulphate of Potash, and the Mix already has peat moss, perlite and some EWC in it. More experienced growers would probably use higher amounts but as its my first All Organic grow, im going by the less is more theory, then if i am short on any of the plants needs i can top up with the tea’s! I should say im going to dilute some Mollasses with the 1st tea and let the soil ‘stew’ a few days before potting ! If that is the wrong way , or my amounts are out, anyone who does this, let me know, i’d be grateful for the input !! _|/_ CW

  5. Celtic Warrior says:

    Also have Dolomite to dilute to a foliar spray for the Cal-Mag ! Dolomite should be same as Epsom salts eh? If im wrong , again it’d be great know ! :-)

  6. Celtic Warrior says:

    Campo, how about this bulb, its a sylvania gro-lux and when i read up on it , it says it has added blue, ive seen the same bulb on Amazon and it was about £10er dearer! Is this a half decent quality bulb? Oh , wait to hear this one as well, i ordered 10 x 2litre polypots and 10 x 8.5 litre polypots, the 8l ones stand 12 inches high and approx 7 inch diameter, as im aiming for a 13 week grow i thought that size would be deep enough for the tap root! Anyway got the delivery and opened it and had over 200 small 0.25 litre polypots !! WTF !!They would be good for starting clones but not for Veg’n. I will order different ones tomorow, you being a Horticultarist, u will know about they polypots, what do u think of them , any good?
    this is the bulb im gonna get and use, keep the other for emergency!-

    600w Growlux Grow Lamp
    ‎600w Growlux Grow Lamp in Home & Garden, Garden & Plants, Plants/ Seeds/ Bulbs | eBay

    they also have 10 litre pots but they are the same height, 12 inches, just wider ! Are they mibbe better u think?

  7. campo cultivator says:

    yes for sure “big” is good as long as you transplant at the correct time so you can manage your wet dry cycle however reading other organic blogs they use between 25 L and 35L pots ? although I grow veg organically….. I have no experience growing organically indoors
    as far as the bulb is concerned yes I’ve used this brand before with good results
    dolomite lime to replace Epsom salts ? lol that’s the first time ive heard of that i will have a look into it for you
    dolomite lime lowers the ph in my veg garden wasn’t aware it contained magnesium I will look into it for you give me a day or two
    keep at it

  8. Celtic Warrior says:

    Yeah m8, Dolomite’s chemical formula is CaMa(CO3)2 = Calcium magnesium carbonate, it has an alkaline tendency though, usually, between 8.5-10 ph ! so i always need to ph down when i use it.
    ok, first , thanks for the advice, looks like u were right about the water damage, did what u said and i now have new fresh green leaves startin, phew !!, Temp in my loft was goin to like 14 degrees at night -Thank you Scotland, so i have them in my cupboard with the CFL till i order a tent on mon (Missus isnt happy! Whats new :-) ) Its only a couple days and i had already taken the shelves out but b4 it was always DWC, now im using soil, guano and ewc, she aint amused, ( i have never been great at clearing up !! haha)
    some of seedlings are now on their second set/node of true leaves so defo recovering, i was just being over enthusiastic i think, still, its a stupid mistake to make, feel like a plonker.let u know how they are gettin on in a few days and update the blog with some pics!! Thanx again CC !!
    Celtic Warrior

    ps- I checked on Wikipedia about Dolomite’s formula, i knew it had Mg and Cal, but not the formula, no way i know shit like that off hand !! :-)

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