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Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!

how to make cannabis massage oil

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It! A great massage will soothe away tension, relieve tired muscles and relax and restore body and spirit. Which is also how cannabis makes you feel. It comes as no surprise therefore that blending the two experiences magnifies the effect. One combination is to receive […]

Moonrocks: what are they and are they really THAT good?

what are moonrocks

Everything you need to know about moonrocks. Discovering moonrocks is a little like your first sip of chilled champagne on a sunny day, or that exquisite taste of the first chocolate from a Brussel’s Chocolatier. There’s a great advert for a dispensary product which shows moonrocks as being marijuana’s latest – and implied, best – […]

Making your own hashish: a true story

Campo Cultivator in the kitchen (someone had better take a picture!) the filter ice technique of making hashish: (very much the DIY version) Now you’ve heard of Delia Smith, well I can proudly present the Campo Cultivator, (not so) expert hash maker extraordinaire. We’ve been writing an article on the various methods of hash making […]