Hash Oil Explosions

10 people have suffered serious burn injuries in Colorado since January 1st, trying to make hash oil using butane as a solvent. The current and apparently popular technique is packing shake and stems into a pipe and pouring Butane through it to dissolve the THC content to make hash oil. Proper ventilation has been forgotten, and a spark of electrostatic electricity has been more than enough to ignite the room with explosive force. In a one week period in April of this year, five blasts were reported, including one which involved the rescue of two children from a burning Denver town home. Our brilliant Brian Vicente, who helped write the the current legalization statute in Colorado, responded to the recent fires by stating that explosions will decline as people realize the dangers and buy weed at pot shops instead. Brilliant!

1) Butane is toxic and ridiculously explosive. Use alcohol instead. 180 proof Everclear is legal in Colorado, is a all natural source to dissolve the various cannabinoid contents of  buds or shake, and is astonishingly effective.

2) Begin with buds or shake that is as dry as possible. Make sure your room has plenty of cross ventilation, pour enough alcohol into a clean glass jar or jug to cover your contents, and carefully but forcefully grind the buds or shake in the liquid for 3 minutes. Pour the entire contents into a clean muslin bag that fits inside a tall glass jar, tie off the opening and squeeze the shit out of the bag, allowing the liquid to gather in a 10 or 12″ non-stick skillet.

3) Empty the contents of the muslin bag into a glass jar and repeat the process once more, covering the wet bud or shake with fresh alcohol, repeating the grinding process with a wooden stick for  3 minutes,  emptying the entire contents into the muslin bag once more, and squeezing the contents of bag a second time into the skillet. In another part of the room, boil a 4 or 5″  deep pan of water to boiling, and place the skillet over the pan. The alcohol will boil away and the fumes will be carried off by the ventilation. Use a wooden or spatula to stir the mixture until bubbles no longer appear. You can draw off you oil into a syringe or use a spatula to scrape your oil into a heated 1 oz. violet or blue glass jar. This water bath method keeps your cooking away from open flame and any possibility of explosive fire. Use common sense. The medicine produced will be very strong and will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F. Have a piece of your favorite bread handy to scrape up the remaining resin from the pan. A tiny eighth inch square of bread may be enough to bake your ass for hours. Be careful! We’re talking 60 or 70% THC content. For you finished oil, begin with a dose half the size of a grain of rice and wait AT LEAST three hours before considering taking an additional dose. Be careful! Do not assume you have taken too little a dose! The stone will last many hours and can be very beautiful and creative, while eliminating your pain. Arrange your day so you will not have to attend any appointments where automobile driving will be a necessity. Have fun and be safe!


Forget the use of Butane!

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