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How to make ice water hash


Ice water hash works on the principle that trichomes are heavier than water whereas vegetative material isn’t. Use a blender to mix thoroughly up the skuff with ice water and release the trichomes. Ice water is used as it freezes the glands so that they snap off easily (you can put the skuff in the freezer for up to two hours beforehand as well). Then let settle for a period, siphon off the water and redundant green matter and you are left with trichome rich hashish. This will need filtering to an extent as it will still contain water.


I found this recipe on a forum (thanks Gimpy12) with some amendments. It uses the same principles as hashbags but is more of a DIY version. It works best in small batches of about ¼ oz. (7g) raw material per container, but the process is adapted to making several of these batches simultaneously.


You will need:

  • blender, or a bowl and mixer
  • containers
  • reuseable coffee filter or better still, a mesh screen (approx 155 micron size with strands made of mono filament fibre)
  • paper coffee filters
  • ice
  • coffee grinder (optional)


How to make Ice Water Hash

  1. Freeze your trim for 2 hours beforehand
  2. Put ¼ oz trim into blender with 5-6 ice cubes & 2 cups of water. Blend for 2-3 minutes on the lowest setting into a slurry mix. The slurry should be a sandy colour. If its too green, you have blended it too much, or used too low quality trim.
  3. Pour through the reusable filter / mesh into a container. Pour clean water through and press down the vegetable matter to ensure as many of the trichomes as possible are pushed through.
  4. Add a couple of ice cubes and place in the fridge.
  5. Put vegetable matter to one side to dry
  6. Repeat the above process with several small batches.
  7. Every 10 minutes agitate the top of the mixture gently (so as not to disturb the trichomes which are settling at the bottom)
  8. After 45 minutes CAREFULLY pour away the top half of the liquid without releasing the trichome full bottom half.
  9. Combine 2 containers worth into one.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 until you are left with all your “bottom halves” in one container. You should have a nice sandy coating on the bottom of the jar. This will be your hash.
  11. Pour out the remaining water and pour the sludge through a paper coffee filter.
  12. After most of the liquid has poured through, pinch the top of the filter together and gently squeeze the liquid out. Paper filters can tear easily so be careful here.
  13. Open the filter up onto a flat surface and scrape the hash off gently.
  14. The “hash” will still be wet, so press excess water out, using 2 dry paper filters
  15. Press, mould and let dry naturally.


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