Growing weed outdoors – pests and diseases

Outdoor growing has its own problems, which I never had to put up with when I grew indoors. One of them is security, its just too easy for someone who suspects to roam around your land come October and make off with your main haul. One answer to this is to never put all your eggs in one basket and plant in different areas if you have the space … the other is protection.

Now the great outdoors is a difficult place to put in alarms etc, so as I have a newly acquired pup, part Spanish mastiff, part St Bernard, I decided to train him to patrol the right areas. He may not be so big yet, but he’s growing pretty fast. At 5 months he’s the size of a golden retriever, and by October and 8 months he’ll tower over a german shepherd.

outdoor cannabis grow

So, everyday when I visit the plants, he comes with me, I call “where’s the plants” and when he sits beside them he gets a dog treat. Until today, when the missus went to water the one remaining plant I have here and in the ground. She diligently watered and then left .. without giving him the treat. .. and without making sure he came with her. I returned several hours later, went to have a look – and found the plant half dug up and seriously “pruned” in his search for the treat.

Here’s a picture of the plant taken yesterday:

outdoor cannabis grow

outdoor cannabis grow

and this evening after I’d (hopefully) replanted it successfully …


now, where’s that damn dog hiding?

Now I came across this device on Amazon which looks like it may work wonders in protecting your precious plants if your main problem is the small and furry kind .. Now I haven’t tried it myself, but it has AMAZING reviews by zillions of satisfied customers  … keeps away deer, cats, dogs, rabbits (and in my neck of the woods the problem critter would be goats).

Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler
 outdoor grow




Uses a motion detector to sense whether animals are within a 1000 square foot area. It then sprays a fast spurt of wtaer which startles them away!

Uses a 9 volt battery

  • Contech Electronics scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler for humane animal deterrence
  • Scarecrow detects and sprays animals in a 1000-square-foot area day and night
  • Lightweight plastic shaft; metal sprinkler head
  • Includes sprinkler mount and motion detector; 9-volt battery not included
  • 2-year limited warranty; measures 17-inch



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