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Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report

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Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report This is my first time here so please bear with me. I am about to start a new grow, 24 Northern Light X Big Bud Autos from World Of Seeds. I will be growing in Bato Buckets  (Dutch Pots) with 66% Hydroton and 34% of a 50/50 cocoa […]

Advice on Autoflowering Cannabis in a Bato Bucket system :)

Hi WildWeedWeiny and welcome again to the show … This post is a response to WildWeedWeiny’s first post about his Bato Bucket grow So you’re using T5’s? that’s brilliant! Ive seen some amazing grows using T5’s including some record winning MI5s under a Quantom T5 BadBoy set up (they seem to work very well with autoflowering […]