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[title text=”Growing your own cannabis is simple, once you know how” style=”bold_center”]

Our step by step guide to how to grow cannabis is aimed at all levels of experience, from the newbie just starting out, to the more knowledgeable marijuana grower who wants to find new tips or read about new technologies. And because growing cannabis is our passion and our lifestyle, we hope always to keep this info up to date and up to spec.


To the left you see the index, covering all the basic things you need to know when growing cannabis, with chapters on setting up an indoor grow room, grow lighting, pests and diseases, growing in coco-perlite,  and so on. Each chapter covers the for beginners  basics and moves onto to specialized topics as when we write them! e.g. the popular “Supercropping & extreme stress training“, or “Water temps in a hydroponic system



We believe in sharing the knowledge, so if you have anything you want to say  about what is written here, please post comments on the blog site .. as we say – pass it around 🙂

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