Getting a dwarf autoflowering grow in before Christmas part 3

Well, firstly its becoming abundantly apparent that these plants just aint going to be ready before Christmas .. at least I hope not! Yep, they’re 7 weeks old today and being short flowering auto cannabis plants, should go from seed to harvest in 8-9 weeks. Yet as you can see from the photos, these are no where near that timeframe: the White Dwarf from Buddha seeds and the Black Jack from Sweet Seeds have maybe another 3 weeks to go, and the Cream Caramel (again Sweet Seeds) another 4. Disappointing, but as I keep telling myself, its the end smoke that counts, not the date its ready by.

Autoflowering cannabis under LED grow light
Black Jack

The two Cream caramel seem fairly uniform (as much as 2 plants can be), however after a great start they seem to have fizzled out a bit. I’m not seeing the flower formation I would have liked. I’ve put one under a HPS system just in case the problem is flowering under the LED grow light, but its too soon to say yet. Right now all seem to be continuing with vegetative growth with little nuggets of bud shooting out everywhere .. come on girls, time to concentrate on flowering and putting some weight on!

Autoflowering cannabis under LED grow light
Cream Caramel

The Black Jack are doing better in the bud department even if they are an ugly looking plant. In shape they remind me of Christmas Poinsetta more than a cannabis plant. But still there’s good flower formation on the stem and its begining to join up. Checked the trichomes under the microscope and all still perfectly clear.

Autoflowering cannabis
White Dwarf Auto

They’ve all been on flowering food for the past 2 weeks, given with a semi-hydroponic watering every other day (water pHd to 6).

Interestingly the BioMass Diesel, a similar quick autoflowering cannabis, is about the same size and flower as these ones. She however was planted 3 weeks later. I can’t help thinking that in week 2, when these suffered from over watering it may have seriously delayed their development. Fingers crossed it IS a delay and not damage!

Keeping positive, all the plants seem healthy and happy, just a little slow. I’ve read that growing under LED grow lights can add time onto a crop, compared with HPS so we’ll just have to wait for that Christmas smoke a little longer :)


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