WOW! You know when I received the 4G Fero 900 for testing, I was impressed with the sexiness of the design .. it had “big and beautiful” written all over it. The Fero Adjustable is an Aston Martin to the 4Gs Lambo. Or maybe its an S class Mercedes, as the first thing that strikes you is an almost German-like level of visible build quality. The casing is sleek aluminium with smooth corners and clean lines, the brass hanging fittings quietly state “I am solid and reliable” and the individual tilting UFOs are cradled in bands of metal that suggest not only can you tilt them safely, you ought to manoevre them.

 For those of you haven’t yet used an LED grow light, they’re dead easy to use. Simply hang your chains, attach the light using an S-hook or similar, plug in the power lead (these use a long computer/kettle style plug) and off you go .. into a rainbow world of growing. Yes I said rainbow because unlike the other LEDs I’ve used, these adjustables are aimed at different spectrum (should that be spectra?) and give off less of a pink note tone than before. There are 8 red/orange tones, 7 blues and 1 white. Only time will tell if this combination works as well as before, but it is the one white lens which alters the ambient light of the grow room. I know many believe that growing weed is a science, but I trust as much to feel as anything and these new lights just feel more relaxing for the plant.

 The Fero Adjustable uses Xlens technology. Now as I said, I’m no scientist, nor do I have a phD in physics, but from my research, the Xlens works as a complex series of magnifying glasses over the single lens. It uses amplification optics with a convex design to disperse the light evenly whilst at the same time increasing the intensity of the light. I’ve read that the Xlens increases intensity of light produced by up to 400%, and perhaps it is the even coverage which leads to the less intense feeling I’m getting from the plants. The Fero LED Adjustable only has a 340 watt draw but its physical size suggests it will happily cover a 1m square area. If it does this at 4 times the normal light production, this would put it up against a 600 watt HID. Certainly Fero LED’s site claims it produces a whoppy 11,000+ lumens which puts it on par with the old 4G 810. And that’s very interesting …

 There’s also a mix of angles on the LEDs. That single white LED has a 60º angle which narrowly focuses the light; the blues are on 90º, and the reds have a wide-angle 120º gently dispersing the light over the whole area. Now I never had any problem with the depth penetration provided by the LED grow lights on my previous trials of the 4G series (maybe because I didn’t over-estimate the area each light would cover). I’m going to use these lights to cover an area approximately 1m20 by 1m20 and we’ll see how they do.

 Whilst I’ve been researching some of the techno stuff involved in this new light I’ve come across one fact that keeps hitting me from other LED grow light companies. They ALL claim to sell the ONLY best light there is. Now I’m here to impartially test run Fero Lights … and I’m quite happy to test run any other lights, equipment etc etc (I think the missus said in one report only household cleaning products need not apply) … but I’m going to stand up for a moment here and state one thing. I’m real happy with the lights I’ve used from Fero. I’m also quietly pleased with the fact that they don’t make the claims these other companies make .. because often it seems to me they are all producing similar LED grow lights with similar technology. So if Fero LED won’t say it, I will: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Trust in grow reports from the real world, be sceptical about magical numbers claiming x-times the production or super-speed. YES LEDs do grow great weed. Would I choose LED over HID now? In most cases, yes. What LED grow light would I buy? Hmmm … now that’s another article in itself …

 LED Grow lightsI’m not really ready to set up a new trial right now, I’ve got 4 weeks left of a seed run going on .. but could I resist taking down one of my original lights and using the Adjustable instead? Absolutely not. Design wise its just beautiful and I love the fact that you can choose which / how many of the strips of 3 UFOs to turn on (so if you want a gentle light for seedlings, you just use the same LED as you would for your heavy flowering period). I had a quick look inside and it has the same modular build design I’ve come to expect from Fero: each UFO is wired to its own power unit and fan, so if one goes wrong (as it did when I had a big power surge) they just send you a replacement and hey presto even I can plug in the replacement and its fixed. The fans are unbelievably quiet too .. you actually have to get your ear down to the grow light to hear them wurring.

Now normally I’d have said this seed run was the last indoor grow of the year. Last year even my outdoor grow marijuana suffered from the heat. But I’m getting the hang of (and yes there are some small differences you have to look out for) and I’m going to have a bash at doing an indoor grow at a time when outdoor temps in the shade can hit the mid 40ºC. With the minimal heat increases produced by LED grow lights, I believe that a well designed grow room can still operate successfully without the need for a super extractor as long as I get the intake air at the right temperature. So you (and I) won’t have to wait until the autumn to read more about the Fero Adjustable. And that I think is good news for everyone. LED technology has come on in leaps and bounds even in the last year, that when I look at my first single panelled 864 I can’t believe it is related to the new lights I see now (nor can I believe that you still see these lights for sale at similar prices to the ones I am lucky enough to be testing). Its a bit like mobile phones, you either resist getting one at all or risk buying one only to be outdated by the new one in 6 months time. What matters though is that the one you do buy works well for the job, and I think with the Adjustable Fero may be coming in at the forefront of new innovations in LED grow light technology and so for that, well done to them. Stay tuned for further news …

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4 thoughts on “Fero Adjustable LED GROW LIGHT

  1. Ryan Lee says:

    Hi, I am new to the site and I have enjoyed your info on testing the LED vs. HID in other articles.

    Are you from the USA? I am very knowlegible about the LED lighting technology and how it relates to plant growth. I am working with companies overseas developing the latest technology regarding the LED and its applications for future horticultual use.

    What was the big difference in your opinion about the 3g 357 and the 4g 360 from the company?

    Also, do you think the price is affordable to most growers now considering the LED is almost double the price to start up, but the return on the investment in energy savings alone is very beneficial?


  2. Campo says:

    I just won’t use anything else now Ryan … yes they cost more initially but the whole thing is simpler now there is no heat issues to deal with. Also I know they are safer security wise which is the biggest issue to deal with.
    I wouldnt bother with the 3G, the 4G which is an Apollo light works great for me but take a look at the new one this company has now .. the AF600. Veg growth alone is spectacular and I love the ability to adjust the power and spectrum available. Cant wait to see the results of lowering, I’m just about to flip to 12/12 any day now

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