Drying marijuana

Having spent time, money and effort growing your marijuana, it is a shame to let it all down by not drying and curing the harvest properly. Luckily it’s not a difficult thing to transform the sticky flowers into a good smoke, but there are a few rules.


  1. Drying marijuana too fast. This only ever results in a harsh smoke that still tastes green.
  2. Drying marijuana too slowly – often results in mould or mildew attacks.
  3. Light. This reduces potency by breaking down the THC levels.
  4. High humidity: ideally it should be between 30-50%.
  5. Over handling. Its great to feel sticky resin, but do you really want to waste all that THC?
  6. Laying flat on newspaper etc. to dry out – this only results in squashed bud.


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Everyone develops their own techniques, and it depends on the quantity of cannabis you have to dry and the climate in which you live. Big grows often end with a processing queue with everyone taking on a role then passing the marijuana plant on to the next person.

In hotter areas obviously the drying process is much quicker and the difficulty is keeping the plant from crisping. If you live in a damp climate you’ll have to watch the humidity levels. Ideal drying temperature is between 21-27ºC


drying & curing marijuana:

  • Do first trim: remove flowering clusters from the plant, leaving a 10cm or so piece of stem
  • Remove large fan leaves and any extraneous vegetative growth.
  • ◦ Note: some growers believe the leaves act as a protective layer preventing THC breakdown during the marijuana drying process. Others find the increased fussiness of trying to trim dry leaves outweighs any negligible difference in THC.
  • Hang upside down in a cool dark space, with a fan set on low to circulate air (do not point fan directly at the plants). Make sure the hanging stems don’t touch.
  • After a few days, test for dryness: the stem should “snap”, and the buds feel lightly crunchy. As soon as this is the case, its time to move onto curing your marijuana.

Watch out as drying marijuana is a particularly smelly process for the first few days, so you may need to factor in odor control. And if you really can’t wait to smoke, select only a few smaller buds and fast dry your marijuana in a warmer environment while you wait for your main crop to dry properly!

Here’s a great little product that can help you dry your marijuana:

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Using a drying rack like this can be a great space saver. The net allows air to circulate around your drying buds preventing rot and mold damage (and also squashing!)

At the same time the ability to layer the buds means your drying harvest takes less space and there’s little chance of buds and leaves dropping to the floor.

“Easy, Fast, No Worry Drying” .. and a lot more discrete than hanging lines and lines of drying branches in every wardrobe in the house .. ;)


There is another version which hangs from a set of scales, but why anyone should want to watch the weight of their harvest decrease as the water content evaporates, escapes me .. I love gadgets but I really can’t think of anything more depressing than that!




4 thoughts on “Drying marijuana

    • weed widow says:


      As an aside, we’ve noticed something over the past season. We’ve started using drying racks because in many ways they are neater and easier to use – less fiddly than hanging half-branches from a line. HOWEVER there is a discernible difference in smell between crops that have leaves removed early on and left in racks and those that hang for the first few days with all but the biggest fan leaves removed ..not sure why, but something about the latter encourages the plant to retain that distinctive pong beyond the curing process ..

  1. CJ says:

    how do you recommend controlling smell in a house for about 10 plants during the drying process? Also, what would be the best place for my situation to dry and cure my buds? I have a grow tent in the basement but i want to keep a continuous grow, so basically i dont want to use the tent for drying. Im worried about smell if i dry them out in another room in my basement. Also have an attic that could be an option but not sure what the humidity and temp levels would be up there or if it even an option(i would think that would reduce smell to zero in the lower level of the house??). Last resort option would be to buy a separate smaller tent for drying and hook it in with the exhaust on my original tent. Im really not sure how to go about the drying and curing process. Any help would be great! This is my first grow, right now its been almost 2 weeks since i planted the seedlings in there final pots. They all look really healthy and they’re growing impressively. One concern i have is that on every plant there are dark faded almost blackish/purple kinda like streaks running thru the leaves(almost as if they run with the grain of the leaves). They almost look like they could be natural but i really dont know. 3 different strains. Northern Lights, auto pipi, cash crop cream of crop. All autos. Please help! I have taken every single step necessary so far to to ensure a success on my first grow. Im obviously going to need a little guidance along the way. If you could help me out or know someone who could please send me the right way. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks for your time!

  2. NoNaMe says:

    Your leaves are that color because of cool night temps. If you hit the low 60’s this happens……not bad at end of flower for sure! But if ur at the start of flower you should aim for closer to 70 night time temps.hope this helped!

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