Our Governor’s Task Force is “hashing” out the details of our Colorado Amendment 64 as we speak. Here’s the latest:


Marijuana tourism is on the way in Colorado, according to this morning’s article in the Boulder Camera. Out of state folks can come into Colorado and purchase MJ, but can’t buy kilos and ship or drive them home. Colorado home growing is legal for six plants. Whether this means outdoor growing is possible is “up in smoke” at the moment. Task Force members put off a decision this morning to “exempt law enforcement from maintaining marijuana and marijuana plants seized during criminal investigations.”

Yep. Straight up. I can’t believe it either. The Task Force has until Feb. 28th to recommend MJ regulations, which have a deadline to be set by our state Legislature by July first. Also in on the say of regulations is the Colorado Department of Revenue, which oversees gambling, alcohol and recreational pot.

thanks to a Colorado resident for sharing this with us .. hopefully he’ll keep us updated! .. And he has ..

3 thoughts on “Colorado & Legalising Marijuana

  1. campo cultivator says:

    What I’d love to know is how Colorado came up with the number of 6 plants (and is this 6 per household?) where say Switzerland came up with 4 per person? is there some unsaid guideline about how much the average plant produces and what society thinks may be an acceptable level of smoking? Or is it just random?

  2. David says:

    Yes, it’s six plants per household, but I don’t know how that number was reached, and if the number reflects some kind of societal judgement.
    My guess is that there was much discussion among the writers of this Amendment, and a decision was made based on their collective judgement of what voters might be willing to accept.

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