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What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed?


Avoiding the trap of cheap complete kits for cannabis grows.

When you’re looking to put together a complete marijuana grow room from scratch, it can seem real daunting, especially if you’re not sure how you want to grow, and what you need to buy.  It may seem just easier to click “buy now” on an all-in-one complete cannabis grow tent package and think that you are getting it cheap. Well you are .. and you’re not. Experienced growers can generally see what’s missing from these complete grow tent packages, or the fact that often at least one major element (ventilation, lighting etc) is made of a substandard quality and that’s going to let the whole grow down. (and in the case of some cheap HID lighting, may even burn the whole grow down!)

So does this mean I can’t get a good deal on indoor marijuana growing systems?

NO!! You can still buy cannabis grow equipment cheaply …
….you just need to know what to buy and where to buy it from :)

Years of obsessive growing, moderating and advising means that the Growers Guide team has this info. There are plenty of local and internet-based hydroponics supplies stores and these do a great job. Some grow shops have great knowledgeable staff who love nothing more than chatting and advising new growers. But remember most are sales staff and at the end of the day they have stock to shift and price margins may differ from one product to another. If you live in the US (and increasingly the UK) is a great resource for creating the best grow box for beginners.Why?

  1. They are trustworthy: they won’t release payment to the supplier until YOU have received your goods. Their star review system means you can find out other buyers experiences.
  2. Lots of different grow shops list their stocks there which means you can shop around for the best kit at the best price: each will have different items they are prepared to heavily discount to get sales.
  3. We get 4% commission .. lets be honest about this. Its not a million bucks, but hopefully it will help us with the running costs for the site and continue to provide growers with the best information about growing cannabis we can. (and it doesn’t cost you any extra!)




(back to the question!)

What do I need to buy to grow 1-2 pounds of marijuana?

This came from a specific live chat question, so we know that the person concerned doesn’t need a grow tent. Generally though we’d recommend investing in a decent tent. Brands such as Homebox will last for years, and make the whole process of hanging extractors, lights much easier. They also enable you to dismantle your grow quickly leaving no tell tale hooks and ventilation holes if necessary. Budget is always a factor when setting up from scratch, so we’ve aimed at best quality combined with cheapest start up costs  (ie they will be good for more than just one grow) To grow up to 2 pounds, you need to cover a 1.5 by 1.5m area (that’s 5 foot by 5 foot)



We love our LED grow lights but whilst they will keep on producing the yield over and over again for 5 years, we think that given there are so many other pieces of hydroponic kit to buy at start-up, it’s better to recommend an HID lighting system. Remember though that your light is all-important to getting a good yield and high resin production. You really don’t want to skimp by not giving your plants enough watts/foot.



       read full details on amazon




Many growers ask “how much yield can I expect from this size room?” when in fact a better answer question is “How many grams can I produce per watt of light?” The holy grail for experienced growers with everything dialled in is “a gram a watt” and novice growers can expect half this return and still feel happy. A 1000 watt light can therefore be expected to yield a minimum of 500 grams, with luck and experience, 1000 grams of dry bud – and that’s 2.2 pounds!

Whats great about this choice is that it comes with both Metal Halide (grow stage) plus a sodium bulb (flower). For the asking price I don’t think you can get such a good quality air cooled 1000 watt system and it will cover a 5`ft x 5`ft area well




To run the air cooled hood IT IS A GOOD IDEA (but not absolutely essential) to give it its own dedicated exhaust fan and this little 6″ in line will be perfect and again is a excellent quality for the price asked (you will also need some 6″ ducting):

VenTech VT DF-6 DF6 Duct Fan, 240 CFM, 6″

Full details here



ducting: C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products) Ducting with Clamps, 6-Inch by 25-Feet, Black 

read on to ventilation and airflow …

13 thoughts on “What do I need to buy to grow 1- 2 pounds of weed?

  1. Alex says:

    This is awesome, exactly the info I was needing. Except that they wont ship any of these to where I live in Europe. No USA based company whatsoever seems willing or able to ship anything at all of the stuff I need to my home country, from this list or not. There are no grow shops here, and even if there where, it would probably be cheaper to take a first class ticket to the USA and back than to buy from a local merchant, markups on ‘rare’ imported prodcuts are just insane and criminal around here. You know what would be amazing? if you offered alternatives, perhaps from UK merchants?

    • weed widow says:

      Hi Alex
      Good points, and to be honest part of the reason behind the article was to demonstrate how has such a competitive hydroponics section that its the best place to shop around for bargains – if you are US based!
      Unfortunately here in Europe we are not so lucky. However we here at Growers Guide are just about to venture into the world of cannabis commerce .. so Europe watch out! (and more of that later folks…)

      • Alex says:

        Hi Weed widow,
        Thanks a lot for your reply, I hope if works out so that in the future we Europeans can have as great a range of products to pick from as they do over in the US. I know in North Europe, there may exist a legitimate reason to have grow lights/room, and they have proximity to Netherlands where you can get everything, so their situation is better. But I am in southeast europe (I’m a bit paranoid about naming my exact location publicly, war on drugs, you know), where there is full-power sunshine pretty much all year. I will grow outdoors too of course, but there is no legitimate use for indoors-growing equipment, so theres nothing for sale here to set up a grow room! I can’t even find mylar or plastic sheeting, let alone lights and such. Of course, if one has enough money, everything is possible, but a regular grower around here who wants to start out strong but with a limited budget (isnt that always the case in the begining?) has extremely limited options, basically none locally.
        Take care, good luck with setting up the cannabis commerce department!

  2. Jammanlui says:

    Do you guys have any good Canadian sites? I am a little nervous about shipping things like the carbon filter and fan over the border seeing as it says ” For odor control ” right on it. Awesome list, it really helps!

    • campo cultivator says:

      Hi there and fair comment for anything that crosses borders .. what I suggest you do though is go to say AMazon Canada and from there contact the hydro supplier direct. Any good hydro store should understand your concern and package in nondescript brown boxes. Good luck!

  3. MILF says:

    If you were to get a grow tent for this size operation what would suggest? Would you consider writing something like this for those wanting to also create a mother plant/transplant space in conjunction with the above. Thank you for your help

    • weed widow says:

      Hi there!
      now an experienced grower can get 1 pound from a 1.2 x 1.2 tent with a 600w to grow 1 pound you really want 1.5 x 1.5m (5ft x 5ft) tent with a 1000w light system – to move up to the 2 pound return then really a 1.2m x 2.4m (3 ft by 6ft) with 2/3 x 600watts ..

      Writing about a continuous cycle grow room and how to do it sounds like a great idea for a new post! I’ll put it on the top of the list … if you sign up for our newsletter we’ll send you a link when its done

  4. Michael Geiger says:

    What would be the price for a complete “kit” to grow 4-6 plants and a “how to” keep a rotational supply growing through the stages. Sorry, new to this and want a affordable way to grow personal plants for myself. If possible, can you send me a link for step by step procedure to grow that many plants and rotation of them. Thank You Very Much!

  5. Darrell Farringer says:

    Thank you for all the info but me myself has a question for you about a small time outside grower who wants to start growing indoors but just wants to start off small but doesn’t have the funds or the advice that one needs if you could please help me out.

    • weed widow says:

      Hi Darrell!
      Yes, this piece was aimed at a fairly large set up. If you are in the US I’d say the principle is the same: look on Amazon for the same pieces of equipment, downsized to suit a 250W or 400W grow. Using pots and coco/perlite will cut down the cost too. If you send me an email via the button at the top of the page, tell me where in the world you are and what your budget is and I’ll give you some idea of what you should be getting :)

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