Cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds – 50 seeds for 50 pounds!


yep, Campo’s decided to sell his Petit Blanche (Little White) autoflowering seeds cheap!



 buy cheap autoflowering seeds



Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Cheap! 50 seeds for 50 pounds!


Autoflowers ARE great .. but because of their smaller size, if you are looking to cover any kind of area you need a number to maximise yield. So here we offer


50 cannabis seeds (unfeminised) for 50 pounds (80$ or 65€ )


These are his own strain of 10 week seed to harvest, really standard autoflowers (and that’s a fact!) They have white widow genetics and thus are nicely chrystally just as you would expect…


So if you are looking to buy cheap cannabis seeds, then you’ve come to the right place! The strain has been bred for stability in height and maturation .. and the white widow parent makes sure they are crystally loveliness.

You can buy these seeds direct from our sister site, – just click on the pics to go to the right page

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24 thoughts on “Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Cheap!

    • weed widow says:

      Yes Darren! They are unfemmed so regular seeds – male and female. They are sent out hidden in a gift wallet inside a plain brown padded envelope. Campo’s been working on his two strains for a couple of years now and they’re proving very popular for growers wanting to fill an area on a budget. He’s working on a super auto Cheese strain next, and femmed seeds may (fingers crossed) be available at the end of the year!

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