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What you need to know about growing marijuana indoors – from cannabis lighting to grow mediums and ventilation

Why getting climate right is key to a successful grow room: Temperature

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If you want to achieve awesome results growing cannabis indoors, getting climate right is crucial. Its probably the most overlooked part of running a grow room, but creating the correct climate for your cannabis plants will make the difference between a so-so grow and an impressive yield.   What do we mean by “climate”? The dictionary definition […]

How to get rid of the smell of cannabis from your indoor grow room

how to stop smells cannabis grow room

You can smell a single flowering marijuana plant grown on a mountain top from 20m away when the wind blows a certain way. Imagine therefore the concentrated smell of 20 plants grown in a spare room in a populated area! Its not for nothing that this plant is nicknamed “skunk”. How to get rid of […]

The easy “how to” for a continuous cycle cannabis grow

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Earlier this year we had a comment on one of our most popular posts, “What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed?“. If you were to get a grow tent for this size operation what would suggest? Would you consider writing something like this for those wanting to also create a […]

Guide to continuous cycle cannabis grows: or how to harvest 1lb of weed every 8 weeks

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So who wants to grow a whole load of weed?     With more and more medical growers coming on to the scene, we get lots of requests for advice on growing bigger quantities than before: in fact our piece “What you need to buy to grow a kilo of marijuana” is still one of […]

What size exhaust fan/extractor do I need for my grow tent

How to work out what size exhaust fan (extractor) you need for your grow area: If you are running with hot HID grow lights you will need to change the air within the grow room once a minute for good optimum results.   take a tape and measure (in meters) the length, width and height of your […]

What do I need to buy to grow 1- 2 pounds of weed?

complete cannabis grow kits

What do I need to buy to grow 1 pound of weed? or Avoiding the trap of cheap complete kits for cannabis grows. When you’re looking to put together a complete marijuana grow room from scratch, it can seem real daunting, especially if you’re not sure how you want to grow, and what you need […]

What is the best grow tent?

What is the best grow tent? Now to be fair I never thought I would use a tent to grow cannabis.  I spent many years banging up my grow rooms out of 4×4 and marine ply like a demented hooligan, cursing and muttering under my breath about “what tools I didn’t have”, ” How I wanted this or […]

Best heater for a marijuana grow room

What’s the best heater for a marijuana grow room? So now the cold weather has set in and it looks like being a long winter, many marijuana growers are looking to add heat to their grow room.  Its not just us LED growers who need to think about warming up their areas, even a HID […]

Can you grow cannabis without good airflow?

  Is it possible to grow marijuana without good air flow? Yes … It is possible to grow plants without airflow in a sealed environment, however this is no small undertaking. Plant life draws co2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and releases oxygen. Without good air flow and ventilation, eventually the plant will use the available carbon […]