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Drumroll please .. the Fero LED vs HPS 2012 grow-down is over ..

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LED VS HPS 2012 It all started with a bet. I was researching LED grow lights for an article on another site. In order to justify the higher production costs of some of these units retailers bamboozle a poor girly with science, and I was forced to draw hard on old “A” Levels, Campo’s 2 […]

Quick guide to growing under LEDs: some points to look out for

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Quick guide to growing under LEDs: some points to look out for Did you say you were still hitting 28º C wow I wish ! have you got an extractor running ? don’t forget you can cook a chicken with a 100watt light bulb in a sealed box … airflow is very important To remove […]

Fero LED vs HID grow lights: day 39

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LED vs HID grow lights day 39 LED grow lights .. do they really work? As followers of this blog will know, I’m running a series of experiments putting various LED grow lights up against traditional HID lighting for an indoor marijuana grow. My last post showed the plants – 8 MI5s (2 of them […]

LED grow lights and coverage areas

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LED grow lights and coverage areas Before I start writing about the plants, I just want to mention something about LED grow lights, cannabis, and coverage areas. There seems to be a lot of conflicting and confusing information on the internet about what areas LED grow lights can cover, as I know when I was […]