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How to get a good germination rate for your cannabis seedlings and take successful cuttings (clones)

Poor Cannabis Seed Germination Rate?

Are you having problems popping your cannabis seeds? Normally, germinating cannabis seeds is easy. You can do this scientifically, providing the exact optimum conditions by using propagators, thermostats and heating pads; or casually, using the bra method. Whichever method you use, 100% germination rate isn’t always guaranteed:  the failure rate varies with each purchase, even […]

Propagation Lights

Propagation Lights   We all know that the right lighting is necessary for clones and seedlings. Too strong a light, and they will suffer. Too little light and they will stretch and flop. Over the next few weeks I will be conducting a series of amateur trials looking for the most efficient amount of propagation lighting needed […]

Reviews: The best propagation grow tents

Reviews: The best propagation grow tents If you want to flower – and thus crop – fairly continuously, you need grow areas separate from your flowering rooms. Why? Because they have different light needs, and a grow area dedicated to vegetative growth shouldn’t spill light into your flowering area. Following on from this, many growers […]

Cloning cannabis: how to take successful cuttings.

cannabis cuttings

Cloning marijuana: how to take successful cannabis cuttings. Once you have mastered the art of taking successful cannabis cuttings you realize they are the easiest method of propagation.  Advantages of taking cannabis cuttings: no male plants plants are the identical strain & breed: they are clones, without variance. All plants mature equally & will be […]

Growing marijuana seedlings

Growing Marijuana Seedlings: getting your cannabis crop off to a great start Germination Station   see bottom of the page for Campo’s Choice Picks to help you get your seedlings off to a great start!     Whilst buying good Cannabis Seeds provides you with the genetic capabilities of your cannabis plant, growing marijuana seedlings […]

The scientific approach to germinating cannabis seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds For many indoor cannabis growers, and especially those who grow hydroponically, “Granny’s method” (or the airing cupboard means) does not suit either their style (that of creating a scientifically controlled environment) or their growing medium (rockwool). To provide the optimum conditions for marijuana seed germination, it is important to:   […]

Keeping it simple for cannabis seed germination

Keeping it simple: cannabis seed germination For those who like to keep it simple, and particularly if you intend to grow on in soil, this is universal method of seed germination is very successful: You will need –  Shallow  dark container with lid – or 2 plates will do kitchen roll or tissue paper water […]

How to germinate marijuana seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds Let’s face it, marijuana seeds are not cheap. Therefore it is important to get the best rate of germination that you can. Luckily  plants want to reproduce and with a little understanding it is easy to get the technique of seed germination down to a fine art. Marijuana seed breeders cleverly play […]

Poor cannabis seed germination rate?

Poor cannabis seed germination rate? Look, germinating marijuana seeds is easy. You can go down the scientific route, investing in propagators, thermostats and heated pads; you can do like granma always did and pop them in the airing cupboard; you can even try the bra germination method.Whenever I’m chatting with a newbie, whether it be a […]