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Making sure your plants are healthy in the veg stage gets you great bud later

What is pH and why is it important to a cannabis grow?

ph and growing cannabis

What is pH … and why is it important when you’re growing cannabis?   Lets keep this simple: [pullquote right]pH is a numerical number given to how either acidic or alkaline a solution is. (in our case the feed/water  or indeed the medium we grow in) [/pullquote]   pH is measured on a scale of 1-14:  […]

Sexing marijuana

Sexing marijuana how to tell female from male cannabis plants Cannabis is dioecious: except in unusual circumstances, a plant will bear either male or female flowers, but not both. Only the female plants produce flowers containing desirable amounts of THC, and, if they are fertilised (i.e. pollinated by a male plant) the amount of THC is […]

Getting good vegetative growth cannabis

Getting good vegetative growth cannabis   In its natural environment, marijuana is an annual, meaning that it evolves from seed to seed-producer in one season, before dying off. And given that marijuana grows from a few centimetres to 2 or even 3 metres during this 6 month period, you can see how vital and energetic its […]