One thing growers new to autos ask is: can you take cuttings from autoflowers? The simple answer is no, and here’s why:

Following our entreaty to all fellow stoners to grow their own smoke (read “10 reasons why every toker should” … here), the boffins at Growers Guide to Cannabis are pleased to launch their new strain of micro-cannabis … This variety is designed to meet the needs of the middle aged person who would like to join the cause and fight for the right to grow, but who now only occasionally smokes weed at parties …

This single spliff plant aims to fill the gap in the market and enable the social stoner to enjoy the joys of growing marijuana without creating a surplus crop …

can you take cuttings from autoflowers



This plant is of course, a joke!

Its an example of what happens when if you

take a clone from an autoflower.



Because autoflowering cannabis is genetically pre-set to flower at a certain age (rather than being triggered into flower by the light cycle) NOT as many seem to think, at a certain stage in growth / development: this is what happens if you try to take clones from a feminised autoflowering plant.

By the time the autoflower is big enough to take cuttings from, it is already beginning the process of pre-flower: add on the time for the clone to root, and even if you are successful in getting root development, the auto will be flowering.


can you take cuttings from autoflowers?

No, not really. But with feminised autoflowering seed prices like these, you can afford to buy them:

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2 thoughts on “For the social stoner who wants to grow his own marijuana …

  1. Weed Widow says:

    actually, its what happens when you take a clone from an autoflowering plant: it has no vegetative stage and goes straight into flower .. :)

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