can cannabis cure cancer?

Before I begin, I’d like to thank the fantastic people who run this website for inviting me to tell my story and hopefully help others along the way.

I was diagnosed in October 2011, with NSCLC (lung cancer) which at the time was Stage 3. Following biopsies and different scans I was downgraded to Stage 4 because the cancer cells are in nearby lymph nodes, my windpipe and a spot on my liver. Despite this diagnosis, I continue to look and feel extremely well.

I agreed to aggressive, 7 hour sessions of chemotherapy because I was told there was a chance of surgery if the main tumor shrunk. I had 4 of these chemo’s between Jan – May 2012. The first 3 worked well and shrunk the main tumor by half, the last had no effect. I was told I had no chance of surgery because the tumor is too close to other major organs. So I refused any further chemo or Radiotherapy as I believe the toxins and radioactivity would have made me ill. So far, as well as the chemo, I’ve been X-rayed or scanned a total of 9 times since last October. Even those are harmful!

I decided to look into alternate, harmless forms of ‘cure’. The first thing I started using was Flax Seed Oil, mixed with cottage cheese, pineapple and crushed walnuts (aka The Budwig Diet if you want to look it up). After that, due to the cancer websites I’d joined, I was bombarded with foods which were claimed to be anti- cancerous. The main one being Apricot kernels. The pip in the center of an apricot can be broken with nut crackers and inside will be 2 small kernels which look like almonds. These kernels (like apple seeds) contain Vit B17 (aka Cyanide!) and must not be chewed alone. I crush 30 kernels in my mini food processor, then mix with a spoonful of Barley Grass powder, a spoonful of Spirulina and a spoonful of mixed Flax seeds, Sesame seeds, and dried Gogi berries. This is all then sprinkled over my dinner. My dinner, by the way, will always have a spoonful of Turmeric and garlic added to the cooking. Lately I’ve been juicing raw vegetables, which doesn’t taste bad at all and is helping me to lose a bit of weight.

But now we get to the reason I’m doing a blog on this site! During the course of my research into alternatives, I was advised to watch Rick Simpsons ‘Run From The Cure’ on YouTube and the content of that video was astounding. If anyone had asked me this time last year what would I be doing now, I certainly wouldn’t have said ‘growing cannabis to cure my cancer’!!! But that’s just what we’re doing.

To say we were absolute novices is an understatement! But one person put me on to another and so on until I had a network of lovely fellow growers to advise us. Of course if you ask 6 different people a question, you’ll most likely get 6 different answers. So you pick one and go with it.

On advice, I ordered 20 Mazar regular seeds, 5 The Widow feminized seeds and a grow buddy sent me 2 spare Big Bud he had. Whilst waiting for delivery, I bought 2 decent sized plastic greenhouses, a roll of bubble wrap, a roll of black weed suppressant cloth and a CFL light. We had no room to grow indoors so the grow was going to have to be in the greenhouse. We started by firstly lining the greenhouse with bubblewrap for insulation. That was in turn lined with Baco Foil to reflect the light. On the outside of the greenhouse we shrouded the black materiel to try and block the light as much as possible.

I’d already bought compost, Perlite, bio-degradable pots and small Rockwool pots. My seeds arrived in July 2012 and we soaked them in a glass of water overnight, before sandwiching them between 2 squares of kitchen roll and putting in a dark cupboard next morning. Some sprouted a root within a day or so, while others took longer. As they sprouted I planted them in the bio-degradable pots in compost. I kept them in lidded propagaters on the kitchen windowsill and kept them sprayed for humidity. Not all the seeds sprouted roots but we finished up with 19 growing okay if a bit spindly. Again on advice, when they got to a certain height (3 inches) I re-potted them into larger pots again with compost and Perlite, burying them a bit deeper to strengthen the roots and stalk.

They looked nice and healthy at this time, just very small for their age and taking ages to grow. This was a concern to me as I don’t have the luxury of time to wait for things now.I voiced my concern to my grow buddy contacts and nearly all said it was because I haven’t got a strong enough light for the amount of plants. So I was offered an LED light, much better than the CFL we’d been using, which I am in the people’s debt for. And because of that we decided to go all out and get a grow tent and all the equipment we need to grow them in the garage. Since we put the plants in the grow tent with the new light they seem to be going great guns. My partner thinks he’s managed to identify all the females (males are no good) and he’s now in charge of feeding and watering with advice from our mentor who sent the light. Unfortunately, the plants will be another 12 weeks before they’re ready we’re told, so another kind person has arranged for me to be sent some of the oil I intend making. I’ve been taking it since Sunday, but that’s a different story!

One thought on “My New Journey: can cannabis cure cancer?

  1. Danny says:

    I live in a state where it is illegal to grow your own medicine that being said I have to slowly die because having a terminal illness in prision sure doesn’t sound fun.I am actually saveing every penny I have so I can move to a medical legal state,,I just hope my illness doesn’t beat me to the move. I wish I had a place to grow my own ,,but as I stated earlier I cant take that chance,,life is rough enough right now. I also wish I knew somebody I could just buy some medicine from but I’m a old man and know few people and none of them would understand that I want to try medical mj.I see on the computer a few sites that actually say they will send meds through the mail,,but once again I’m to afraid. Ironically that’s about the only thing in this life I’m afraid of ,,that is going to prision,,not dyeing ,,but to go to prision for growing a plant that could save my life..I’m so darn upset at our silly laws regarding this plant,,illegal over all lies and greed,,the greed comes to play because I guess they haven’t figured out a way to profit from peoples misfotunes of illness,,although the cartels seem to be profiting ,,and killing. when was the last time you heard a papst truck and a miller truck shooting it out over turf,,,so here I am,,dyeing slowly with a plant avalible to some for a cure ,,depending where you live.I would ask someone for help with this matter but would not even know where to begin,,once again for the fear of prision time,,,thankyou America I only served my community ,went to work every day, payed my bills , raised a beautiful family and now I get to get sicker everyday as a thankyou back for being a loyal citizen,,,kind of makes a guy a little ticked off,,,owell better days ahead and everyday a few more cents to move to a legal state,,,did I mention ,,if I don’t die first,,,keep smilein everyone

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