Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report

This is my first time here so please bear with me. I am about to start a new grow, 24 Northern Light X Big Bud Autos from World Of Seeds. I will be growing in Bato Buckets  (Dutch Pots) with 66% Hydroton and 34% of a 50/50 cocoa fiber and Perlite mix. I’m using T5 Lighting will be 4-4ft  Sun Blaze 8 lamp fixtures with 4 6500k Sun grow lamps and 4 3000k bloom lamps in each fixture. Light will be timed for 20 hours on and 4 off.. ..

Needing advice on what would be the best liquid nutrients to use for best results. Nutrients will be in reservoir and pump will be on timers for feeding every 6 hours. It is a recyclable system I built! I will post pictures from beginning to end for those who are interested and any advice in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!

1-17-20013 Seeds planted in Grodan Rockwool cubes, soaked blocked filtered water with Ph of 5.5


read Campo’s reply “Advice on a Bato Bucket Grow here”

DAY 1: Almost all seeds popped,coming up strong, by tomorrow morning good possibility of 100% germination.



DAY 21. Here they are looking healthy


DAY 38

Here’s an update on my Bato Bucket Grow, day 38

Switched from t5s to 400w HPS, That really made a change! Think from now on I’ll only use HPS on the autos.

The Auto Assassins are looking great! Lil buds every where, the Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto are strange though; the packet description said that they would grow into 1 large cola, shit! these plants came up and split into 2 and 3 mains. Just startin to bud on those. Its only day 38; I change my Nutes every week and clean reservoirs, lines and pumps to remove any salt build up. I’m using GH Flora series and using their “simple” feed chart.  I never went full strength till last week with the stuff. I also add Biothrive and Calmag to the res, ..The Auto Assassins came up at 100% and thriving! The NL xBB Auto hasn’t been as good … have no idea why? You can see the difference in the pics, I’m stumped about this one and I’d really appreciate some feedback :)



Campo says: Apart from a couple at the front there they look fantastic: they have a good size for a auto and they look to be developing into honeys … BTW the two at the front are suffering from over feed

They would really benefit from being spaced out to get their full potential – I don’t know if that is possible with the way they are built, but if it is then get rid of the poorly ones and space out the healthy ones. They’ve got a ways to go yet and they will get bigger if you let them –  I would say you have at least another 7 weeks to go. They will start flowering properly in the next couple of weeks & on hindsight it may have been better to have only one to a bucket.

when/if you do spread them out try super cropping them and bending the stems to give them some more space I think you are heading for a bumper crop! As far as lights are concerned try and remember that you will need a minimum of 40 watts a foot preferably 50.

You should still be on your veg feed hopefully for another week or so … you sound as if you were disappointed but I don’t know why? they are doing great ? Keep it up very healthy looking plants



day 49


If you talk to yer friend at OSS,will you find out how dang tall the NLxBBA is suppose to get!  These nuts are over 2 feet and growing like freaking crazy? I aint bitchin …. Just need to make sure they don’t hit the dang ceiling! Its getting to be like a jungle in that room! lol


day 69

Took these tonight,, its day 69 +/- a day ,lol,, trichromes still clear,some cloudy some clear ,bout 50/50 I’d say … bought 60-100 power scope … neat as shit to see them,lol,, full strength GH Flora series,even a lil extra bloom nuts this last fill with a 1000 watt Hortilux Super HPS lamp,, got a hell of a deal!! 2 Humbolt 1000w switchable ballast, 2 regular reflectors,2 MH lamps and 2 brand new unused or opened boxed 1000w Hortilux Super HPS lamp .. $225.00

Yeah I thought so mate:  I think your looking at 3 more weeks  Sounds like a great deal on the hid just make sure you don’t keep those those too close .. Happy holidays


yes but that’s ok! longer means more yield!  AT least I hope so! Oh believe me I raised the light! lol,, Man,,this ec chit has been driving me batty,, Like I told you I use the GH flora series and use GHs recommended ad calculated dosages for the nuts and Supplements, I can’t get the EC over 600 without doubling or 3x the amount of nuts per there calculator? WTH am I doing wrong? Ph has been perfect 5.7 –5.8 constant …What do you think about these NLxBBA grown outside in dirt? Thinkin bout doing it soon as warms up enuf here …


 Yes the EC using GH series does run a little low but I’ve got some fantastic results where my ec hasn’t been above 1.2. Its just a matter of style of growing  that suits me, might not suit you:  try and relax with it, the nutes are fine they aren’t showing any deficencies so all is good :)

I think the Northern Lights x Big Bid Auto will grow well outside …
You however may want to have a look at Chaze or super stinky (same breeder as your Auto Assassin  “stitch”) I’ve grown these and they were fabulous outside one cropped me nearly 400g of top notch bud the others around the 300 g mark
Heres the link that will take you through to original and my review



day 75


fucking SUPERB::::::: 2-3 weeks at least I reckon she might go 14 weeks from seed .. at least mate! lota sativa there

but what a strain its going to be worth the wait I feel like a proud dad :)
I’d be boosting them now and looking to flush in about 10 days at a a educated guess
fucking well done

Hang on in fact hang fire on the boost they look really over fed as they are
I would reduce the feed down to half strength
that’s a shame
also I’m seeing some  mag def as well oh well I thought you were going a bit hard on the feeding from the descriptions




Thank you! lol,they wouldn’t be what they are now without yer help! I get too damn impatient! I should have let the Auto Assassins go longer! Ill never go by what specs say ever again! Microscope helps a whole bunch! I am gonna get one that hooks to laptop next I so I can send you and also post magnified pics on ,  These are all the NLxBBAs its day 78 now so 11 weeks 1 day so far! In 2 week start flushin ya think? some these look like donkey dicks! lol I cant wait to try the stuff!! Hope the THC levels are all what they are said to be!! Yea Ive pumped up the strength of nuts! A LOT! lol ,,The Auto Assassin is better than Viagra!!!!!!!!! lol  the ol lady likes it!! She hasn’t smoked in years,,but now she does!!


Oh yeah another little tip:
The plants will give you an indication when they are ready as you will find they will start drinking less solution:  it about halves. Also you will see that the ppm will rise quicker in the tank as they stop taking up as many nutrients and more water
But honestly I know its hard but you need to try and be patient :)


day 81 – 4 days to cutting


No seriously you aren’t going to cut them in four days are you? they need to fill out and brown off yet
Looking good tho

day 97
they just keep puttin on new flowers constantly!!!    lol ..100 day mark and fudgers are still packing on! I aint bitchin,,and I’m being very patient!!!!!!
why da hell does World of Seeds tell people these are 70 day grow plants? No f in way they are!! I bet that has caused a lot of people to harvest to damn early like I almost did!! Thanks buddy!
day 101
Took pics with grow light off,,Y a may see em better! Yes there still flowering!
The thing with autos is it really depends on how much sativa they have in them! The Big Bud x Northern Lights was always  a 12 weeker so add 3 weeks to veg & you are looking about 110 days if the geno is true. BB x NL is a monster and it looks as if the geno you have has captured that trait …… very nice
…. if you have run out of smoke then cut one
otherwise I would decrease the light cycle (just in case you have a semi auto and look to flush in about 5 days for a good ten day flush .. IMHO well worth the waitI think if you have no amber trichs at this stage we are looking at two weeks more
f’ing long time I know but well worth the wait I promise: the best autos I have grown have gone 120 dayswhats the crystal production like ?


yes that’s what Im waiting for is the amber,,Crystals !! holy shit,,they’re covered up in trics! so many ya can see the crystal without even usin the scope,,Im ordering that damn scope ya hook up with USB tomorrow! There f in beautiful!!! I have res filled with straight clean water with ph at 5.4,, I had to put hooks in ceiling to string up the colas,,there heavy as hell,I measure one and its like 23 inches for just that cola,,much mor bud sides below on stalk,,couple of these plant split and made 3 main shoots,tops look like freakin footballs (American type,lol)now,just longer than one,lol
you know If it was me I would be in a hell of a dilemma right now because they ain’t ready yet are they ? I think you’ve got two weeks at the earliest mate
I think I would half the feed about now for about 5 days then be prepared for a 7-14 day flush
They certainly have the size but how tight are those buds ? ) are they rock solid or a little airy ?
They should start pumping out tonnes of resin now and thats where the weight is And the highest concentrations of THC
Anyways keep snapping pics like these and see what kinda photo we can get…
To be honest I was blown away mate …….. stellar work.


thanks bro!! I have them on low strength nuts now,,Oh and I ordered the USB microscope and should have it by Monday or Tuesday!! Then Ill have some killer close ups of the trics! buds feel pretty dang hard,,there frikken huge,,Im f in amazed at this strain!!! lil leaves around buds and buds thereselves glisten with crystals!!    Yes I will use 2 liter bottle for reference! I’m 6’2” and weigh 270,the top colas are bigger than my fist! I would be so frikken proud to be nominated for BOM!! I just wouldn’t be able to brag much! lol,,F in sucks the stupid ass drug laws we have here!! Weed is no where close to being harmful to anyone! Damn sure better than booze,pills and that damn meth!!
day 130
No I have not cut them,trics still clear,some cloudy,no damn amber yet! still puttin on more bud! This seed strain is bloody crazy! lol,f in microscope thing that connects to PC was shit! Sent it back! Ill get one that works someday! lol,,The one runt plant I did cut bout a week a go is killer chit!
day 135


7 thoughts on “Big Bud x Northern Lights Autoflowering Report

  1. john says:

    i am ready to start the auto flowering seeds been growing a while now and never tried these so was reading all your pic and post anymore advice on it please call me my name is john 401-207-1558

  2. smiley says:

    i started my first auto a couple of weeks ago (northern lights auto) and am trying to find out at what ph it grows best in, I am growing in organic soil and been keeping my ph at 6.6 but my leaves are dark and twisting a bit . thanks smiley

  3. smiley says:

    let me go into a little more detail my lower leaves are dark and upper leaves are light green right now I cant take pics because on its 4 hour off light cycle, later on tonight I will take a couple of pics and post

  4. JR says:

    Hay I have the same thing with northern lights this is the 2ed one I have had. The first one took 7 mo to finish but !!!! I could have let it keep growing. It would not stop… very strange. Let it get frosty it will and I mean it will it is worth it…. It has been this long . I wanted to plant but could not intill it was done the plant was 6ft by 6ft by 6ft L.S.T AND SUPER CROPING. THE BUDS HAVE A ODD PINE SMELL WITH A KUSH SMELL…. NEW SHOOTS GROW OUT THE SIDES AND TOP AND DO NOT TRUST THE PISTLES EVEN THOUGH THAY ARE ALL BROWN GET A SCOPE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WeirdWeedWeanie says:

    Weird weed weenie is back in business and growing camp
    More nl x bba as well as 20 2 fast 2 vast that I jus started

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