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If you want to flower – and thus crop – fairly continuously, you need grow areas separate from your flowering rooms. Why? Because they have different light needs, and a grow area dedicated to vegetative growth shouldn’t spill light into your flowering area.

Following on from this, many growers find a need for a smaller sized seedling chamber which can they use for the first few weeks of the cannabis plant’s life. Here we review the best propagation grow tents you can buy.


Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP90Secret-Jardin-Dark-Propagator-DP90-0

Size: 90cm x 60cm x 60cm (3ft x 2 ft x 2ft)

Weight: 4.5k (10lbs)

Capacity: 2 x 77 Rockwool trays – 9 x 1 gallon pots


Actions-ok-icon (2)water proof

Actions-ok-icon (2)light proof

Actions-ok-icon (2)strong equipment carry up to 20k

Actions-ok-icon (2)Highly reflective (95%) hammered effect mylar material

Actions-ok-icon (2)2 ventilation windows

Actions-ok-icon (2)

1 extraction sock & 1 cables sock


Secret Jardin are one of the two main manufacturers of quality grow tents, and their grow tents are well designed, easy to assemble and very sturdy.

Suitable grow lighting:

Because of its low height, the Secret Jardin DP9o is only suitable for T5 (60cm wide), CFLs or 1 watt LED grow lights.


  • Lack of versatility due to its low height: this can ONLY be used for seedlings & clones.
  • Slightly odd dimensions mean that it doesn’t quite fit as many trays in as could be managed with a little more space.



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 So which is the best propagation grow tent?

If you have the extra money it is definitely worth buying the Homebox Clonebox View. Why? Simply the bigger size makes it more versatile. Not only is it wider than the Secret Jardin one, it is higher. It contains a 2 tier shelving system (which can be adjusted to fit your plants’ heights) so that you get double the amount of seedlings in, and which can later be removed to make a mother tent or better still, a vegetative grow tent.

you could probably do a full seed to harvest of dwarf autos in this tent!

With the extra height (1.25m) you aren’t restricted to using T5s or CFLs if you have removed the higher shelf unit. An LED grow light would do very well in this space without causing any heat issues.

I really like the viewing windows. Apart from the budding stage, seedling growth is probably the period when I spend most time checking in on my plants. That’s because they are most vulnerable at this stage, but also because they go through the most change. Having viewing windows enables me to oversee without disrupting the climate.


What if I don’t need the capacity of the Homebox Clonebox View?

I’m still not convinced that the Secret Jardin DP90 is the choice I’d make. Unless I was considering producing cuttings as a full time business, I think that this size tent is too specialist and would spend a lot of time not being used. Given that scenario, its space saving design would actually become a waste of space. I think that a better choice would be something like the Secret Jardin DarkRoom II Pro 60 – 24 x 24 x 64 Inchesor the Homebox XS.

UPDATE: Secret Jardin may well have read this review (lol) because they now have a new Dark Propagator tent the 2.5 which is very similar to the specifications of the HomeBOX CloneBox . You can read the details here

Do I need an extractor for a propagation tent?

Whilst you need to keep humidity high for seedlings and clones (cuttings), it is still a good idea to provide them with good air flow.  I suggest you buy a 4″ inline Fanand use digital timer to control how often it is on. Alternatively you can leave open the ventilation windows on the Secret Jardin tent and let air circulate passively.

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